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Hairstyles with braids have been going strong in fashion for several seasons and for 2021-2022 they promise to remain one of the most important trends, whether for going out at night, going to a party or for day-to-day life.

Braids can be seen in both casual and sophisticated looks, enhancing the hairstyle; For this reason, today we present you some of the most successful and modern styles that incorporate them. You can search online typing braiding hair near me.

Hairstyles with braids

Dutch braid hairstyles

In the middle of the last century and for several decades, it was common to see girls in much of Europe, especially the eastern and northern countries, with hairstyles that consisted of two braids, one on each side, that were woven from the scalp, thus achieving a hairstyle like the one in the following images.

They are also often called boxer braids.

African side braids

Braids continue to innovate and you will see true works of art, like these that we will see below, woven from the scalp on one side of the head. You can easily achieve a work of art that will make you look full of glamor.

A simply wonderful hairstyle to dazzle at a party, why not at your wedding?

Crown of braids

It will continue the trend of the tousled effect, and a tousled braid as a crown will continue to be seen this season.

The styles that are slightly disheveled, are still perfect for all kinds of occasions and also remain one of the most sought after and requested by today’s celebrities. The reason is that they give a very elegant but calm touch, it does not look excessively arranged and they are very flirtatious.

For the events in which you want to impact, they are a very good choice, very easy to achieve at home.

Today, however, almost all trends follow a degree of finesse and delicacy, and they strive to make each hair a unique and unrepeatable design. Extremely complex work, mixing braids of different sizes, all the way around. Extravagance is another idea that is seen more often every day on the catwalks and red carpets, achieving very striking hairstyles, which at the same time are accompanied by accessories.

African woven braids

The small braids woven African style are still the order of the day, they are easy to achieve and allow a lot of different styles. Easy to do and easy to wear, don’t let anyone tell you how to style your hair, because you already have a few suggestions for next season here.

This style is good for a young girl because it is slightly rebellious, different, transgressed but chic and attractive. So if you wanted something very daring and youthful, do not hesitate, this style is made to succeed wherever you take it.

Voluminous braids

Braids are still all the rage this year and it is no wonder, there are a variety of styles and they can be worn by collecting all the hair or just a few strands. In addition to being so fashionable, they are comfortable and easy to take advantage of in many styles. For example, there are a thousand ways to wear them bulky.

Long, disheveled side braids, is a highly sophisticated proposal, ideal to wear to parties and important events. They can be complemented with soft waves or with volume in the upper part of the head. Sew in near me Salons also provide facilities of different varieties of braids.

They allow to show off straight or wavy hair without having to collect all the hair. This is a fashion that is already imposed and that is practical and also attractive, since it combines two trends: loose and collected hair.

If you have long hair, this is a style that has become a classic. A long, side, tousled braid, and it can be herringbone or common, with three strands.

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