Breast feeding support capsules

As we all know that mother’s have the prime responsibilities on their shoulders. They have to take care of their babies from day 1. They are not only the care takers but they are also the lactated ones who feed their babies. But  when a mother is a working woman, she doesn’t have enough time to properly eat and take her diet in a good manner. She is unable to breastfeed her baby . In this way she feels guilty that she is not giving enough nutrition to her baby. As mother’ milk is full of nutrition and has the ability to fight with germs and bacteria . Hence we can say that it is used as an antibacterial agent. But now there are certain breast feeding support capsules which are readily available in the stores and markets to help and support the lactating mother’s.

Breastfeeding is so rewarding for the baby as well as for the mother. But due to hectic schedule and busy lifestyle the mother is not able to take her diet . In this way they should take supplements and capsules which enhances the production of milk and milk supply. In this way she will be stressed out.

Now, we look at some of the basic ingredients which are mainly the component of these breastfeeding capsules.

Ingredients of breastfeeding capsules:

These breastfeeding capsules consist of the combination of two of the major , popular and traditional locational herbs which are Blessed thistle and Fenugreek.

Benefits of these products:

There are multiple benefits of these traditional herbs . Some of them are described below:

  • They are the potent agents for the production of breast milk in breastfeeding mothers.
  • These herbs provide antioxidant properties
  • As they are traditional herbs , both of them are galactagogues which help in the initial release and continual production of breast milk.
  • They are also responsible for the development of women’s internal health.
  • They are able to maintain the reproductive cycle of the women.
  • Hormonal level of the women’s body is also maintained.
  • These herbs are used as a drug and potent agent to improve intestinal and metabolic health of individuals.
  • They are the prime responsible for the carbohydrates and lipids metabolism.
  • It helps to maintain appetite and provide balance and healthy glucose metabolism.

But why is breastfeeding important for babies?

Breastfeeding is important not for the mother but it is equally important for the baby as well. It has long term consequences for the mothers and infants.

  • The breastfeeding itself provides optimal nutrition bto the infants. It improves short and long-term health benefits to mother’s as well as babies.
  • Breastfeeding helps children get a good and best  start in their lives. It equally contributes to cognitive, mental and physical health development. The habit of breastfeeding is a way to reduce inequalities.
  • It supplies all of the basic nutrients in the balanced and proper proportions.
  • Allergies, sickness and obesity will not prevail.
  • It protects against dangerous diseases like Diabetes and cancers.
  • Chances of infections are going to reduce like ear infection will not prevail in the body.
  • The breast milk is going to digest easily . Hence there will be no upset stomach, no diarrhea and no constipation.
  • The babies will be healthier and safer as they proceed to grow.
  • The IQ level of the babies will be greater than the babies who don’t breastfeed.
  • Breast milk consists of important antibodies like IgA which helps in the development of immunity inside the body of the baby.
  • Multiple respiratory and acute illnesses will not prevail.
  • The babies have a lower risk of getting cold and ear to throat infections.
  • There is a less chance of incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis.
  • There is also a reduced risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
  • They are less likely to develop Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Childhood leukemia will not happen at early age
  • Breast milk helps in long term brain development.

Breast Milk is always ready:

By taking nutrition capsules the production and manufacturing of the milk is going to enhance. This will result in the Continuous supply of the milk to your infant’s and toddlers . It is purely clean and always readily available for your child whenever they need it. It is the perfect food for your baby as it contains the basic constituents of nutrients which includes glucose in the form of carbohydrates, casein in the form of protein, milk fats in the form of lipids. Vitamin D is an essential element and becomes the crucial part of the milk help in the building of the bones of the baby. They are at the right temperature, free of cost and purely clean. There is no need to clean the bottles and there is no wastage.

How is breastfeeding helpful for mothers?

Breastfeeding is equally important for mothers . As it helps to reduce weight which gains during the pregnancy period. In this way mothers become slim and smart in a proper manner . Mothers have a reduced risk of Type II Diabetes and certain types of cancers like Breast Cancers. Mothers can specifically develop and strengthen the bond with your child.

According to the world health organization breastfeeding will be given to the babies until 6 months and beyond. In most of the world the lactation period may prolong for 24 months. The more your baby feeds on the breast milk the more he or she will be stronger and have a good immunity. According to the American academy of pediatrics the breastfeeding is going to start just after one hour of birth. As the breast milk has unidentified benefits.

Breast milk will help in the development of such hormones which reduce the size of the uterus which has become enlarged during the pregnancy period. Oxytocin helps in the uterine contractions.

There is also a reduced risk of postpartum depression. It is a continuous observation that the mothers who breastfeed their child have a less chance to develop depression. So, it is mandatory for the mothers to breastfeed their child and promote the development of breast milk by the help of breastfeeding support capsules

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