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Budget Hacks for International Students in Dublin to Survive The Pandemic

Leaving your home and going to a foreign country to study is tough in itself. Furthermore, add the cost of student accommodation Dublin, groceries, school fees, etc. There are multiple factors to consider when budget. Thus, here are some hacks to make the budgeting process easier for you:

Support Irish brands

When you see Special K, Nutri Grain bars, and Cheerios on store shelves, you’ll be tempted, but these American name brands are far more expensive on the other side of the Atlantic. Experiment with brands you’ve never heard of; you may find that you enjoy these genuine Irish products even more. Discount supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl don’t even sell well-known brands, making it easier to choose the less expensive options.

Shop at Aldi or Lidl for your groceries.

You won’t be able to eat out every meal if you’re studying in Ireland for an extended period.  Cooking for yourself in your Student Housing Dublin is a terrific way to stay within your budget. Ireland has several excellent discount food stores. My school has an Aldi right across the street, making grocery shopping extremely affordable. Another similar retailer with reduced costs is Lidl.

Instead of dinner, eat out for noon.

Throughout Europe, many restaurants offer lunch deals that frequently include a meal, an appetizer, and a drink for one low price. During lunchtime in Ireland, you’re likely to get a soup and sandwich combo for extremely low pricing in any bar. These offers may also include a deal on your food.  Make the most of these deals by going out during noon and eating out.

Have a few drinks before going out.

There’s no doubting that Ireland has fantastic nightlife, which is only enhanced by the fact that the drinking age is three years lower than in the United States. Unfortunately, especially in Dublin, drinks are rather pricey. Although the thrill of drinking in an Irish bar is appealing, it’s a good idea to “pre-drink,” as the Irish phrase it, to save money (you can buy an entire bottle of wine at Aldi for the same price as a pint of Guinness at any pub). Enjoy a pint outside, but don’t go overboard on the booze.

Prepare your cup of coffee

Most will agree that no college student should be denied the right to coffee, purchasing custom coffee beverages in Ireland may be quite costly. While you’re abroad, you won’t have access to your Keurig, and the abundance of adorable small coffee shops may urge you to get a vanilla latte every morning before class. Instant coffee may be purchased for a very low price at any grocery shop, making it a quick and cost-effective option. Add hot water and enjoy saving 3 euros per day in your student accommodation Dublin.

Take advantage of Dublin’s public transportation system.

The Dublin Bus system is inexpensive, convenient, and offers almost every route you’ll ever need in Dublin. A fare will never be more than 3 euros, and there will be at least one bus stop on every street in the city. Download the Dublin Bus smartphone app to identify the bus stop closest to your Student Housing Dublin, the most convenient route, and even the arrival time of the next bus.

Use social media to look for nightclub offers.

Certain nightclubs have Facebook promotions to obtain a free drink voucher for the night. During the day, check out any given nightclub’s social media pages to see if they have any deals, then friend and follow them to be notified of all their upcoming deals and promotions.

Go out earlier to avoid having to pay a cover charge.

Nobody wants to be the first to arrive at a club, but if it saves you a few euros, it’s well worth it. Some clubs will waive their cover price if you come before a specific hour (typically on weeknights), so check the website of your favorite club and plan your departure time from your student accommodation Dublin accordingly.

Take a walk whenever possible.

Most students are a fan of the Dublin Bus. They prefer to travel to the university by public transport. The buses made getting to and from Dublin quite affordable and convenient. Dublin isn’t overly large, and while buses are inexpensive, walking is free. You can stroll anywhere within the city borders if you stay within the city bounds.

Traveling in Ireland is simple and generally inexpensive from your student accommodation Dublin. You may travel anywhere on the island, including Northern Ireland, by bus or train. If you don’t want to spend the money on a hostel, numerous tour companies provide day tours from Dublin to other parts of Ireland, depart every morning and return the same evening. And while you’re doing it, why not take a trip across the country you now call home?

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