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Gabapentin is not on the patent, which means it could take longer it to be license to treat alcohol dependence. The results of this study are positive because it suggests that gabapentin might be a successful medication to treat alcohol dependence, and in particular it can decrease the frequency of drinking heavily and improve the likelihood of abstinence, if administere in the initial few months of in the process of trying to stay away from alcohol.

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The high percentage of drop-outs as well as short-term follow-up make the findings of the study less reliable.

But this trial is not without some issues, not least the choice to change the primary outcome measure from the ones originally recorde as well as the high rate of discontinuation as well as the short-term follow-up time (12 weeks after medication stoppe) in which data were not available from the handful of participants.

In mitigation, the authors defende their decision to change the outcome measures, and they reporte the originally-registere outcome measures anyway; and high dropout rates are unfortunately common for all alcoholism treatments.

The study’s strength is that every patient were treate with a psychosocial program in addition. We know that even the smallest psychosocial interventions work for this group (and we see this in this study that is base on improvements of the patients over the course of time) Therefore, any additional benefit from the medication is impressive.

How To Works

It is the next stage to determine the way that the dosage of gabapentin (particularly the high dosage) compares to other drugs that are currently approve for alcohol dependence, including Acamprosate and Naltrexone ( discusse here by the Mental Elf). A previous study did test the effects of naltrexone in combination with gabapentin, however it did not evaluate both medications against one another.

It is important to note that, even though the people in the current study were alcohol dependent however, none of them need detoxification, which implies that they weren’t physically dependent. It is essential to know whether this drug is effective for alcoholics who are more dependent. The authors suggest that more doctors are incline to prescribe gabapentin to their patients suffering from alcohol dependence, given they likely already prescribe the drug to patients with other medical conditions but the same can’t be said of acamprosate and the naltrexone.

How To Use

In a highly positive comment in the study which was publish in the issue the drug isn’t on the market. This means it could be extremely inexpensive to prescribe. However, this also means that pharmaceutical companies are not financially entice to secure the drug’s. License for treatment of addiction to alcohol, and that it would require government support for this to happen.

To conclude with a word of caution: it’s essential to discover new therapies for addiction disorders, such as new drugs. It is known to be difficult to treat. It is important for both clinicians and patients to be able to choose from various treatment options. But, like other treatments, gabapentin isn’t likely to prove to be a cure-all over 80percent.  Those who took the dosage of gabapentin that was high were still drinking at conclusion of the study. If you flip the results around by examining them in this manner the likelihood ratio (OR) of 4.8 appears somewhat less appealing.

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This was a 3-arm, double-blind, randomise controlle study of gabapentin dosages against placebo. Patients with alcohol dependence (N 150) who were abstinent from alcohol for at minimum three days. Were randomly assigne to groups that receive:

  • Placebo
  • “Low dose” gabapentin (up to 900mg daily)
  • “High dose” gabapentin (up to 1,800mg daily)

A follow-up visit in week 24 however the report provides very little information about this. The participants all receive psychosocial assistance in addition to medications, through weekly counselling that was guide. Manual and encouraging to join local self-help groups (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous) or other psychotherapeutic treatments.

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