Can You Build Scalable Reporting Tool with Crystal Report?

Scalable Reporting tool – Crystal reports are one of the most significant and valuable tools for any business. It allows you to keep a proper record and analyze the whole performance. Therefore, it keeps a record of your business’s health by recognizing the segments for improvement and coming up with more growth opportunities. Reporting is a process where you compile and review the data within a particular functional segment, including finance, operations, sales, inventory control, or any area where there is an essential requirement for performance measurement and monitoring. However, let us discover if it is possible to build a scalable reporting tool using Crystal Report.

Self-Storage business has to deal with several inventories, financials, and activity data. However, a worthy reporting tool provides you significant information for businesses to regulate them very smoothly. As a result, a self-storage software management business provides your application to support fast, affordable, accurate, and support a huge variety of reports.

You can get your Crystal Reports hosting from Navicosoft. We have been delivering the best crystal reports hosting since 2008 within a reasonable crystal reports budget. We are proud to be the Microsoft partners for offering ASP.NET hosting using crystal reports. Since we value your time and money, we make sure to provide you with the best possible hosting plans suitable for all your needs.

Challenges to Build a Scalable Reporting tool using HTML Template and to Convert it to PDF

There are three segments involved in getting your report. The first one is creating a template; then, you need to insert the data into the template. After that, you can simply convert that template to a readable format which is PDF. You can also write your reporting tool using ReactJS or any JS framework if you have expertise in that JS language. But if you do so, you need to know all the limitations involved in JS. The customers need a few standards for reporting, and you definitely need the same standards to build a scalable reporting tool. You can create your template using HTML, but there are a few niche necessities that you definitely need to take care of. Even if we successfully achieve it by using advanced CSS, the libraries will convert that template into PDF even if you do not have support.

Puppeteer is a very high library in demand and can successfully work with almost all CSS projects. However, it is a very heavy library that comprises several aspects and converting HTML to PDF, which is only a small aspect of it.

There is a high demand for reports, especially during the end of the month from the user’s side. So it helps to cater to the requirement for a high-end server that successfully and accurately delivers the reports on demand. If you want to consider various microservices that can help convert HTML to PDF, it all depends on the number of reports you will require, and the service might not be affordable for you.

Does Crystal Report actually work for businesses, especially Marketers?

SAP’s Crystal Report is an affordable approach that can help build a scalable reporting tool for the customers to satisfy all the requirements. Consequently, all you need to do is put the Crystal Reports with MVC on a server and get your essential reports out.

Crystal Reports is specifically a business intelligence app that is important for custom reports utilizing a huge variety of data. It includes all the essential features significant for businesses to build a database reporting environment, which includes report design/formatting, data access, report viewing, and app integration. It lets you create highly pixel-perfect reports by simply utilizing SAP crystal reports with MVC using a convenient design interface that is efficient for workflows. In addition, it helps you in exporting additional data on a single worksheet without even prolonging it to several sheets. However, there are several benefits of utilizing Crystal Report, which help you in creating a customizable reporting view for your business needs.

Crystal Report and JSON

Even if Crystal Reports with mvc permits you to build a scalable reporting tool for various data sources, it does not support JSON. Therefore you need to make it work with your data source format. You can process the data with DataSet and then afterward save it to your crystal reports with mvc.

How are we generating the report?

Flowcharts can be used in order to request a specific report which comes to the reporting server. You can use fetch a required report template, from which you can get the data from the ES server. After that, you can authenticate the user and the whole process of data storing according to your requirements. Hence in the report template, you can finally get the report in whatever format you require.

Get the best Crystal Reports Hosting with Navicosoft!

You will definitely have to create templates, process data, and then insert that data into the crystal report. Therefore, it will need a suitable amount of development time. However, if you require Crystal Reports hosting, you can approach Navicosoft. We provide you with affordable, competent, and trustable crystal report hosting. In addition to this, we offer our services according to your hosting needs.

Moreover, now you can enjoy a clear perspective of your business by using our industry-leading report design and visualization results. Our crystal reports hosting operates on Microsoft Windows servers which provides 100% compatibility along with the best performance. In addition to this, we offer you the technology to help you with the best business performance using advanced report generation competencies.

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