Car Repair Services to Make the Vehicle Last Longer!

How long a Car lasts depends upon the internal plus external condition of the vehicle, along with the driving habits of the owner. Apart from driving carefully, maintaining different components will help provide optimal performance on roads, prevent the car from getting damaged early, reduce expenses and protect from on-road breakdowns and accidents.


Skipping regular checks will reduce the performance, cause internal damage and deliver an uncomfortable ride. There are various kinds of services conducted by a repair centre varying from tyres to the AC and suspension system to ensure the vehicle is fit to drive on roads. Furthermore, regularly maintaining the automobile in 6-month intervals will allow the car to pass the annual MOTs and get the desired resale price.

Components in a Car That Require Maintenance 


Tyres are the main point of contact with the road and require different types of services and checks to ensure the best performance on roads. Wheel alignment, wheel balancing and air pressure checks are the most common tyre related services conducted to ensure there is no premature tyre damage or safety issues when driving. Moreover, wrong alignment and balancing can cause uneven tyre wear, delayed braking and vibrations when driving.

Pressure Checks

Also, air pressure checks once a month are necessary to maintain the right amount of air pressure. Tyres generally lose 1 to 3 PSI of air every month, and with low pressure, the vehicle’s mileage will decrease, and tyres will wear off faster. 

Car Fluids

The car fluids enable a vehicle to drive efficiently on roads. The oil prevents overheating plus excessive friction while driving and ensures a smooth ride with efficiently working components. Over time the car fluids can get impurities and demand replacements to ensure optimal performance. Some of the fluids include:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid.

You can replace the oil yourself, but it is recommend to head down to a facility where experts can perform thorough cleaning too. For example, an engine oil check requires draining the fluid, disposing of the old oil, and refilling the right amount of the oil. Also, you can ask the repair expert which car fluid will be the most suitable for your car.


There are several parts in an automobile that help the vehicle brake efficiently when driving. Brake pads are among the most common components that need changes in regular intervals.


Moreover, you should immediately drive to a repair centre if the vehicle experiences delayed braking, increased stopping distance, noise when applying brakes. Ignoring any brake-related issue will compromise your safety when driving and can lead to accidents on roads.

Car Wash

Dust, mud and grime can get store on the outside as well as the inside of your car. All of the impurities on the surface will cause damage to paint, enter the air vents and create an unpleasant smell and result in early corrosion. Therefore getting a regular car wash is necessary to ensure all the impurities are remove from the automobile and produces a pleasant drive on roads.


The suspension is responsible for absorbing the on-road shocks when the vehicle drives. Without properly working and good condition shockers, the car will produce an uncomfortable drive, damaged tyres and other internal components. Getting the shockers examine can help determine any signs of early damage that can be fix before leading to costly repairs.


Windshield wipers are the most ignored parts in a car that requires routine fixes. Car owners have to make certain that the wipers are working efficiently and will not hang or make a sound when turned on. Broken plus worn-out wiper blades can reduce the overall visibility when driving in rainy and snowy conditions.


A broken bulb or dimmed light leads to a safety hazard when driving and may also lead to a fine. You can perform a visual inspection of all the lights on your vehicle and determine if they need to be change.


The lights need to have the same level of intensity, should not flicker or get dim when driving. You may have to get the lenses clean or replace the bulbs inside the lights.


Damaged or drain automobile batteries are among the primary reasons for breakdowns on roads. The battery can get drain because of the car owner’s carelessness, or it may be unable to hold a charge because it is old.

Car Battery

A new car battery that is drain can be start with a quick jumpstart by a technician, but an old battery should be replace to ensure optimal performance on roads.

Car Repair

You can contact a well-known repair facility today if you have any doubts or want to know more about Car Repair Aldershot.

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