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CCTV drain inspection cost


Do you think your sewerage system needs cleaning? Does your sewerage system need maintenance? Then you must think over it. As many systems are running for the cleaning of the sewerage system. Some of the time the sewerage cleaners will take $20-$30 which is their one-time fee to come to your homes.

A CCTV drain inspection usually costs as low as $100 and as high as $2700. It all depends upon the issues occurring in the drainage system. The average CCTV drain inspection cost system is about $737 in the range of $251 – $1260. The price doesn’t involve anything other than the sewerage inspection.

The method used by sewer scope inspector:

Once the plumber or any type of sewer scope inspector will come to your home he will likely perform the following steps:

  • Open your drain system to run the camera through the sewerage line.
  • They will also use a camera to do visual checks of the plumbing to find out the most possible solution to the problem in the drainage system.
  • A detailed report has been ready on the sewerage system with the results of the inspection.
  • They will also provide the digital recording to you for your further assistance.
  • Then they will discuss the costs and move forward towards the next step.

What costs are not included in the inspection?

The amount that has been taken by the sewer scope inspector includes only to show the problem but it doesn’t include fixing the problem of your sewerage system. Different types of services include different types of prices.

For example :

The cost for cleaning the drain is $300

Clearing the sewerage line is $300-$400 depending upon the length of the sewerage system.

Replacement of the sewerage line in $7000 or more.

Labor cost for sewer inspection:

It has been determined that a local server line repair will charge for their labor between $15-$150 per hour for the inspection of your sewerage line.

Drain inspection cost methods

Sewerage inspection cameras allow you to see what is happening inside the lines of drainage. These cameras have been fit underneath the floorboards, down drains, and anywhere else where you are not able to see. Different varieties of cameras have been used depending upon the problem of the drainage system.

Digital inspection cameras:

In this method, high resolution, live digital scanning cameras have been preferred which gives the live image of the drainage system that either it required maintenance or replacement has been necessarily done. It can also predict any type of future problem. The price range of this method is $3000 – $35000.

Snake cameras:

Through snake cameras, the image has not been currently clear as compared to the other images. The price range for this method is $40- $ 160. These cameras have been used by people or Homeowners used to inspect their drainage system by themselves. These cameras work well to find any type of obstructions in the line.

Hard borescopes:

If you need to observe the straight path of the drainage system then these hard borescopes will be used. If you know that there is no bend around you will prefer to use this for the inspection purpose. They are cost-effective and durable. They are going to produce Sharp images. The price range of this method is $1000-$1700.


It is the most efficient method which uses new technology to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. They offered good-quality images and videos of the most selected and sensitive areas of the drain system. The safety of the workers has been significantly improved by the use of drones. Due to the high rates of drones, they are seldom used by homeowners. The cost for their usage is $200-$300.

Now, look at the prices of the cameras used in the  CCTV drain inspection systems.

CCTV drain cameras:

There are a variety of prices offered by different companies regarding CCTV ⁶cameras. It includes $1500 to $25000. The camera itself is very small equipment but there are multiple small parts attached to those cameras. All these parts are included in the total amount.

Drain camera inspection cost

When you hire a pro or any worker to perform the cleaning, repairing, and maintenance of the sewerage system the total cost for performing the task will be $400 per day. When it comes to the inspection then you have to arrange all the essential tools required for the inspection. These workers can perform different tests on your wastewater and water supply at the same time. It can also save you prestigious time in the future and tell you of future breakages and leakages. They are well-trained and certified professionals. They make sure that the right job is done.

Cost to inspect the drain yourself

The average rent to hire a camera for one day is $200-$300. You can also purchase the snake camera for only $40. These snake cameras have no accuracy and only can go down Up To 20 feet or more down a sewer line.

The major problem while observing and repairing the drain system is that you can miss some of the major causes of other damage in the future and it is also a fact that harmful gases can be exposed to you. Sewer gases are highly toxic and dangerous and they cause severe damage to you. The components include carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane.

Apart from exposure to harmful gases, you can also be exposed to many harmful bacteria and infectious organisms. So you must hire a professional to repair and maintain the sewer system. It’s better to hire a licensed professional sewer contractor to check the manhole, sewer pipes, and sewerage line whatever it takes cost. It will not only assist you but also inspect the overflow sewerage pipelines. They will work in a smooth manner and in a proper way.

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