Clear your doubts about the requirements of the cars to drive with the Uber app

At Uber, driving partners enjoy the freedom to choose when they ride with the app, to choose how and when they receive their earnings, to decide where to drive and how often. All this while generating additional profits. Therefore, there are thousands of Puerto Ricans who have decided to be part of this community. Do you also want to have this freedom, but do not know what you need to start? Quiet! Here are the requirements you need to be a driver partner with Uber. Most of them are focused on the car that you will use to drive, so it is important that you read carefully. Let’s get started!

The minimum requirements you will need

To start your journey as a driving partner through the Uber app, it is necessary to have the following requirements and documents:

  1. Be of age.
  2. Valid driver’s license and car license.
  3. Have at least one year of driving experience.
  4. Proof of residence in Puerto Rico.
  5. Private car insurance for Uber (your name must appear on this document).
  6. Driver Record, managed by the Department of Public Works.
  7. Criminal record.
  8. photo for the driving partner profile.

Car requirements to drive with the Uber app

Our community deserves the best: safe, reliable and enjoyable travel. Given that the driving partners and users share the same space, it is important that it meets some requirements to ensure the best possible travel experience .

The requirements vary a bit depending on the car within the options offered in Puerto Rico: uberX and uberXL . The most characteristic requirement of each type of Uber is the capacity, that is, the total number of people who can travel in the vehicle. With this in mind, you should know that the accepted cars for each type of uber are:

  • UberX cars must have capacity for five occupants , that is, a driver partner and up to four users can travel.
  • The cars used for uberXL have the function of making group travel possible . For this reason, it is necessary that it has a capacity of seven people or more (three rows of seats).

Remember, it is forbidden by law for the number of people on board to exceed the capacity of the vehicle. In addition to this, vehicles, whether uberX or uberXL, must meet other requirements:

  • From the year 2006 onwards

The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the car is in good condition. This reduces the possibility of mechanical failures that cause the interruption of the trip and avoids situations that could put the safety of both of you at risk .

  • Cart documentation

Every person who registers as a driving partner must provide valid documentation of the car that they will use to drive through the app. Among these necessary documents are: vehicle license, inspection papers, insurance and title deed .

  • The number of doors

The car must have four doors for greater comfort when getting on or off the vehicle. In addition, in the event of an accident, the four doors provide a more functional, faster and safer emergency exit.

  • Functional seat belts

Wearing a seat belt is mandatory under traffic laws. For this reason, all seat belts must function properly and be ready for use . This is another measure to ensure that the car is safe to ride with Uber.

  • Air bags

Air bags are another important safety measure. Every car used by a driving partner who drives with Uber must have working airbags to avoid further injury in the event of an accident.

  • The air conditioning

Air conditioning is not only a breather when the temperatures hit, but it also serves as a safety measure. Car windows tend to fog up when driving in the rain, making visibility difficult . Turning on the air conditioning at times like these helps the windows clear. A simple gesture like this provides greater safety when driving under these conditions.

  • Ample space in the trunk

Users often travel with their belongings or luggage . It is important that the cart has adequate space in the trunk and that it is fully available. This way they can travel comfortably and carry their belongings with them safely.

Now you know exactly what cars are accepted to drive with the app in Uber and what type of documentation you will need. 

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