Common iPhone Problems Faced By Users

Common iPhone Problems Faced By Users

iPhone is known for its uniqueness and many features that differentiate it from other smartphones in the market. However, even iPhone users have never failed to complain about some features that do not work properly. It is not always something manufacturing defect but some other common problems that come up with general electronic devices.


Before you sell your old mobile phone, you could try to figure out the issue.

  1. Connection problems

There are many Connection issues in iPhone such as Bluetooth connectivity or other connections that are Wi-Fi. Connection with cellular data problems can also occur because of network issues. There can be problems due to network issues depending on the provider or the operator’s service. The Wi-Fi network connection can also come up with issues occasionally. Therefore, it is always good to check if the problem is in your iPhone and all the network connectivity that you are using.


  1. Screen freezing on the Apple logo

The screen of your iPhone might freeze on the Apple logo that comes upon switching on the mobile phone. This could be because of the heavy pressure going on on your iPhone. Switch it off at less of a rest for a while. When you are switching it on the back it is getting restarted with all the functioning in the mobile phone. It might freeze at the Apple logo as it is processing everything inside the phone. Sometimes, it might take a little longer but yet to fulfill the process of restarting the mobile phone. If it takes longer than usual, then you might need the best mobile repair store near you.


  1. Applications crashing

While you use any application on the iPhone it seems to crash out of nowhere. It shuts off on phone and the user is back on the home screen. When they try to switch to the application again it might take a while or it might not even start. The only method of getting back the application is exiting it from the tab completely and then restarting it again. However, this might be because of the application issues or banks. This might also happen if the application is larger in storage space.


  1. Charging issues

Charging issues charging port issues are another usual problem. iPhones seem to drain quickly and the battery levels. However, with iPhone 13 series the iPhones have improved in battery life capacity. The charging issue must be figured out if it is from the port or the internal of your smartphone. A charging port must be clean as there can be dirt or moisture settlement inside it.  This might be disrupting the process of charging. If there is an internal issue you might need professional help to figure it out.


  1. Overheating issues

Overheating is caused when you overuse your mobile phone and overcharge it. In order to save time, we keep a mobile phone charging when we are asleep which makes the battery overheated. This is not good for the battery health of your iPhone. Overheating can also be because the brightness of the mobile phone is quite high or it is in the sunlight. Exposure of a mobile phone to a high-temperature climate can also cause overheating.


  1. Backup issues

Back-Up issues are a daily problem faced by the iPhone. The backup must be taken each day if you desire to save your data. iPhone comes in different storage spaces starting from 64GB going up to 1 TB now. However, this storage space is useless if you do not have the iCloud for backup. You can always transfer the data on your iPhone to another device as a backup call to save it. But if at all you haven’t done this transfer or copy to another device it is a problem. The iCloud storage has to be bought for a fee of a monthly subscription.


  1. iPhone Disabled

iPhone disabled caused if you entered the wrong password to unlock your iPhone. It gives you several chances and disables the iPhone for a few minutes. As you keep on entering the wrong password the duration of the unlock process will increase. Finally, after several times of wrong passwords, it will make the iPhone unavailable. This is something to worry about as you will never be able to retrieve any data from your iPhone if it is not backed up in iCloud. It is better to always keep your passcode which you can remember. Even if your iPhone is disabled for a few minutes just leave it alone till you a short of the passcode.



These are some of the common problems that are faced by iPhone users. We’re sure there might be many other problems that everyone has faced individually. While you decide to sell your old mobile there can be different options available. Every problem has its solution which can be out. However, some problems might have common solutions which can be achieved by one. But other problems might also require professional help.




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