Common Types of Car Tyre Damages

Several reasons can cause tyre damage, and it can happen without the driver knowing there’s a problem. The most common types of Yokohama Tyres Newport damages are cuts, cracks, punctures, bulges and irregular wear. Through this article, we are preparing you to diagnose and identify different types of damage and car tyre.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations that is written in the owners manual, to prolong the lifespan of the tyres. It’s essential to understand that ignorance may lead to hefty expenses on repairs and replacements. Tyre’s are the part of the vehicle which is constantly in contact with roads or other surfaces. Regardless of the cause of damage, the ability to diagnose and identify different types of tyre damage enables you to confidently figure out what measure to undertake to fix the problem.

Puncture – Puncture is one of the most common damage types. It happens when a sharp object goes straight into the tyres’ outer wall, this then results in the deflation of the tyre. The cause can involve sharp object such as loose nails, screws, or shards of glass. Cracks on the tarmac also cause punctures. If the tyre puncture gets deep into the tyre, the air pressure can escape, leading to reduced handling or loss of grip.

Generally, there are two types of punctures: rapid and slow tyre punctures. Rapid tyre punctures are easy to diagnose since the tyre suddenly loses its inflation pressure, hampering your driving ability. Rapid tyre punctures can adversely affect your vehicle’s handling performance. To identify a slow tyre puncture, check whether the tyres have damaged sidewall or have debris stuck on their surface.

If you experience a puncture in the middle of the road, you can temporarily fix it by using a sealant to plug the hole and re-inflate it. You can also change your car tyre and equip a spare wheel for the vehicle. It will allow you to drive to the local garage to resolve the issue.

Cracks – Cracks commonly occur on the road contact surface area or its sidewalls. It can range from less than a millimetre to over a centimetre thick. Bad roads, regular wear and tear, and exposure to UV rays are common causes of crack damage on the tyre. Due to cracks, the car tyre can lose its grip and handling performance. Since you cannot repair cracks, replacement is the only option.

Tyre Burst – This is one of the most dangerous types of tyre damage, no drivers wants to face such a situation while on the road. It occurs when the tyre wall integrity fails, making it difficult for the tyre to hold air. Under-inflation is a common cause for tyre-burst. It’s because the friction and heat from driving on an under-inflated tyre eventually cause it to blow out.

Irregular Tread Wear – There are many types of uneven tread wear. These include centre wear, which happens because of over-inflated tyres. Tyre wear due to everyday usage. One-sided wear caused by tyre misalignment. To identify the type of tread wear, inspect your tread bars. The location and amount of tyre wear will tell you the kind of wear you have. To fix irregular wear, change your tyres and invest in a fix that will not let it happen again.

Tyre Wall Damage – Tyre wall denotes the outward-facing sides of the tyre that surround the wheel rim. Tyre walls are rigid as they can hold a lot of pressure. However, they can still damage due to cuts and bulges. Bulges often occur because of a sudden impact on the road.

Tyre Cut Damage – Cuts occur due to sharp or foreign objects like stones, bad road conditions, etc. If you observe damage in your tyres in the form of cuts, head to your local tyre retailer and let the professionals check its condition thoroughly.

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