Copy Contacts from Excel to Outlook – Automated Solution

Copy Contacts from Excel to Outlook

Summary: Searching for the solution to copy contacts from Excel to Outlook? If yes, then you make a good decision by clicking this article, in this write-up, we talk about the multiple solutions to resolve this query. We compare the manual and the automated solution to find the best between them, so, stick with this blog to get a hassle-free and quick solution to get instant solution. 

As we know that contacts are very precious for business or other purposes as they contain very crucial information for both personal and professional outcomes. Excel is the best platform to store data, giving you multiple options for maintaining and keeping data with hierarchy. And on the other hand, Outlook provides the import? export option in all versions. 

But in case you need to move your contacts from one platform to another because of some reason then you may face some difficulties while transferring contacts. Excel files are stored in XLS format and there is no direct solution to import XLS files to Outlook. No need to Worry! We are here to help you to resolve this query.

Import Contacts From Excel to Outlook – Manual Workaround 

As we know, Excel supports and contains their files in XLS/XLSX file format, but Outlook supports PST files. So, before proceeding with the procedure we have to convert XLS files into CSV file format to convert Excel files into PST format. The manual solution is divided into 2 steps which are briefly explained below. 

Step 1: Convert Excel XLS/XLSX Files Into CSV File Format 

  • Firstly, open your Excel file which you need to be converted. 

select excel file

  • After this, open the File option on your top left & click Save As option. 

save as option

  • After Save as an option, select CSV (comma-separated files).

select csv option

  • Now, your XLS files are converted into CSV format and ready to import to Outlook. 

Step 2: Import Selected Converted CSV Files into Outlook 

  • Firstly, open the Outlook Select File option and go to Open & Export, and click the Import/Export option. 
  • Then, select the option Import from another program or file option, and hit Next.
  • After that, you will get 2 options, select the CSV option
  • Select the file by clicking the Browse button.
  • After clicking the Next button, select the Destination Location.
  • In the next screen, you will see the checkbox import “file name.csv” into folder contacts, select this option. 

Step 3: Match Excel Columns to Outlook Fields

  • Again select Import “filename.csv” into folder contacts, and click on the Map Custom Fields option on your right.
  • After this, you will get 2 panes of From and To. In which form contains header and To contains standard Outlook fields. 
  • Standard Outlook fields are names, Fields names, and last names. If any of those have contact names. You can proceed.
  • You can also map your files manually. 

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How to Copy Contacts from Excel to Outlook via Automated Tool

The above-mentioned manual solution is compatible it can complete the conversion process. But there are some limitations which were contained but the manual technique like the manual solution is time-consuming in and you should have basic technical knowledge  

The manual method is very lengthy and time-consuming and to overcome such limitations of manual method we advise you to use the automated tool. Excel Contacts Converter, is the best software to copy contacts from Excel to Outlook. 

By using this tool you can easily import copy contacts from Excel to Outlook and also this tool instructs you to generate the distribution list in MS Outlook for all the selected contacts and exclude all the duplicate contacts during the conversion process. The tool has a user-friendly interface and non-technical users can also use this tool. 

One by One Steps to Convert Excel Files to Outlook 

  • Install and Run this software into your device. 

  • Select your Excel File to the software by clicking on the Browse button.

  • In this step, you can preview all your information before conversion.

  • Select the PST option to convert selected files into PST.  

  • You will get multiple setting options, select as per your need. 

  • Click the Change button to provide Destination to selected files. 

  • At last, click the Export option to complete the conversion process. 

Wait till the software completes the process. After completing the process you will get a notification on your screen. Then launch MS Outlook and verify your contacts. This tool has many features and also proves why one should opt for this tool only.


There are numerous ways to copy contacts from Excel to Outlook but after lots of research, we introduced these two solutions described above. The automated solution is an advanced way to transfer contacts from Excel to Outlook whereas the manual approach is an old and complex method. The software that we mentioned above has many features and capabilities to import Excel files directly into MS Outlook without any trouble.

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