cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel is a web hosting control panel or web hosting management Manager (WHM) for the WHM/cPanel server that’s provided by cPanel Systems Unlimited and can be used to manage your cPanel servers. Buy cPanel Web Hosting with feature rich software, security and flexibility options to help you develop the best website possible. It works in conjunction with the WHM handler to provide one-click access control on your websites.

With so many cPanel Web Hosting Providers to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Below you will find some important factors to consider before choosing a cPanel Web Hosting Provider.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web-based control panel that assists users in managing Linux hosting services. A user can use cPanel to manage administrative hosting tasks such as creating a website, creating and managing emails, resetting passwords, setting mail forwards, managing add-on domains and subdomains, uploading and managing files, and so on.

What are the main advantages of cPanel?

Users can easily manage files with cPanel. When you do not intend to use a website builder, its simple GUI (graphic user interface) serves as an enabler for managing system administrators. In comparison to its peers and competitors, this has made cPanel more user-friendly. To avoid going into detail about its benefits, here is a list of them:

  • Allows you to add domains and manage email based on your hosting plan.
  • Controls FTP accounts, allowing them to upload, delete, or move files on the server.
  • AWS stats are used to provide users with web-related statistics such as visitors per month.
  • There are numerous add-ons and APIs available. Softaculous integration allows users to download updates for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.
  • Ensures the security of your data, as well as backup and recovery options; all without sacrificing scale.
  • Much less expensive than Windows.

1.Specify System Requirements

Knowing what you will receive will help you choose the best cPanel hosting plan. Major system characteristics like RAM, storage space, and bandwidth should be listed by the hosting business so you know what to expect.

2.Nearby Data Centre

Think about choosing a cPanel hosting provider whose data centres are situated in the same nation as the users of your website. The faster the site loads, the closer the data centre is to your visitors. 

3.Possibility to Grow

It’s difficult to get a lot of visitors to a website, especially a new one. A shared hosting package will be adequate when your website is first launched. However, you should be able to upgrade your hosting package as your website gains popularity and more traffic. So pick a hosting company that offers you room to expand when necessary.

4.Constant & Friendly Support

Even though managing websites with cPanel hosting is rather simple, you never know when you might require a professional to handle a challenging problem. Having a kind, helpful team by your side is a huge relief. Make sure to pick a hosting company that offers helpful support in times of need, is ready to respond to your questions, and will walk you through the process.

5.Cost-effective cPanel Hosting Services

Everyone strives to achieve this, I suppose. The cost is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing hosting providers. Pick a reputable hosting provider that provides free website moving services.

Choose the cPanel Web Hosting Providers

It could be challenging to determine which of the hundreds of cPanel Web Hosting companies available online offers the best service. When this happens, reputable hosting directories like HostingSeekers can help. As a user, you may locate the top web hosting solutions here, along with actual customer testimonials to help you decide.

The Top 10 cPanel Web Hosting Companies are shown below:

1. Hostever

Hostever is a well-liked option for cPanel web hosting because it is inexpensive and has many useful features. With a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, Hostever also provides up to 50 GD of disc space. Hostever additionally offers consumers totally free lifelong SSL certificates. At a cost of INR 138 per month, cPanel hosting is made available, along with a robust data security backup and an optimised WordPress option.

2. VPSGround

For just INR 73 per month, VPS Ground offers its customers 5 databases, 5 domains, 1 GB of space, and 10 GB of bandwidth. For individuals who wish to try out cPanel hosting for the first time, it is a fantastic offer. Beginners can phone or email customer assistance whenever they need to.

3. ServersGround

High-quality web hosting is available from Servers Group, and there are several options for customers to pay. They accept numerous payment methods, including Paypal, Paytm, and CCAvenue. The user also receives 4GB RAM and a 4-core CPU in addition to 100GB of SSD storage. For individuals seeking unlimited transfers, cost-free SSL certificates, and cost-free website migration, it is a fantastic choice.

4. Popular IT BD

Popular IT BD is a web host that can provide you with the most affordable web hosting services. This company was founded in Bangladesh in 2009, with offers starting at just INR 23 per month. They accept PayPal and bank transfers and can provide users with up to 50GB of Premium bandwidth. Furthermore, they permit an unlimited number of subdomains, emails, and databases. They also provide free migration as well as a free SSL certificate.

5. GlowHost

Glow host has an incredible team of professionals and experts who help users get the most out of their features. They offer both unlimited and traditional cPanel web hosting plans. Users have also praised GlowHost for not taking days, but only a few minutes, to get them online after payment.

6. HosterPlan LTD

HosterPlan LTD has received positive feedback from customers regarding its speed. They allow websites to attract enough traffic without allowing the speed to vary with their 20X fast cPanel web hosting service. They are simple to use and offer excellent features for only INR 306 per month.

7. HeroXHost Web Services

Heroxhost’s web hosting services have received rave reviews online. Heroxhost comes highly recommended, with a monthly fee of only INR 60. A user can also get a free domain for the first year with 50GB bandwidth and 5GD SSD space. Heroxhost’s data protection service is also relatively strong. Furthermore, they offer 24-hour customer service to their clients.

8. Gnome IT Solutions

Gnome IT Solutions is well-known for quickly resolving all of its users’ problems. They provide excellent services to their customers for about INR 74 per month.

9. Hostsoch

Hostsoch is a well-known cPanel web hosting provider with no hidden fees or setup fees. This is undoubtedly a feature that draws more customers to them. Furthermore, they frequently have coupons that provide excellent savings to customers who choose to host with them.

10. Host4Geeks

Many customers prefer Host4Geeks, particularly when it comes to cPanel hosting. Aside from being inexpensive, they also guarantee clients a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, which helps to boost businesses online. They also provide free SSL certificates, free migration, and round-the-clock support. It can be difficult to select the best web hosting service. It may be slightly easier if the user can prioritise the features and then choose the service provider.

Which one the Best cPanel Web Hosting Provider?

We hope that this blog will answer all of your cPanel Web Hosting-related questions. Whether you are a beginner or looking to switch hosts, cPanel hosting is worth considering. Simply list all of your requirements and see how you can best benefit from this popular web hosting option.

Looking for the best cPanel web hosting plans for your requirements? Worry not, as we’re going to show you how to find the best cPanel web hosting for your needs. Tasks like creating site backups, setting up email addresses, or managing your CMS database can be either seamless or frustrating, depending on the cPanel host you choose. In this guide, we’ll highlight features that are crucial in order to avoid any major pitfalls and keep costs down.

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