Creative ways to gain more comments on Instagram

If you’re not an Instagram fan like I am it’s possible to spend a day or two without checking your account. If you do check your account, you could see that some of your friends’ posts were posted just minutes ago, while others are just a couple of days old.

Methods to increase the number of comments on Instagram

1. Organise a contest or giveaway

A fun and simple method to get your followers to comment on the Instagram posts is by running an Instagram contest or wedges provide. You can make a post on Instagram to announce the contest and then invite participants to participate by leaving comments in your blog post. Here’s an illustration of an Instagram competition we organized to promote our contestants’ annual sales marketing opportunity: Social Media Examiner has a helpful guide to organizing Instagram contests.  Read More

2. Keep the Instagram takeover

Instagram takeovers can be a great method of generating fresh content posted on your Instagram and also collaborating with your colleagues and influencers. It’s also a clever strategy to boost Instagram engagement.
Acquisitions are the result of one Instagram user taking over the feed of another, typically for some time, and then posting from their perspective.

Acquisitions are usually done from the viewpoint of:

A friend
Influencers are influential.
Another company in your field
These takeovers can help increase the number of Instagram comments, regardless of whether it’s occurring on your account or the account of another. Here’s an example event we organized in conjunction with our partners at WeWork. WeWork was capable of sharing member stories and brand stories with a brand new audience engaged in the following. We Work ended the takeover with a plea and invites you to subscribe to its Instagram account. The new followers will be able to start making comments and liking the latest posts. We were also able to read comments from We Work fans and others interested in the takeover.

3. Encourage users to be involved in the discussion

A simple way to gain the most Instagram feedback is to request comments. Make content on Instagram which is suitable for sharing, and then ask users to answer questions or tag their colleagues and friends in the comment section. It’s a simple and enjoyable method of communicating with your followers. it can also help you gain more feedback.
Here’s an example Instagram post that we shared that asked our followers to answer a question. It is possible to caption posts with simple questions such as “Agree or Disagree?” Or “What is your advice?” for quick answers, and get more comments.

4. Post something fun, unexpected, or difficult

Most popular were those that generated excitement, enthralled the viewers, and created curiosity and uncertainty. Do you have content that you can publish about an unexpected incident, happy moment, or an interesting industrial trend? The content doesn’t need to focus on your business specifically. Content that appeals to a broad public is more likely to draw more responses.

5. Upload videos

The amount of time spent watching videos on Instagram has increased 40 percent in the last year and users are now able to post videos that run between one and one-minute lengths. Make sure to share this captivating content to make your followers put down their busy Instagram streams and view your video. Make sure that it’s interesting. Your followers want more videos – particularly on social media

6. Curate engaging content

The public isn’t likely to leave comments on content that isn’t interesting So, you should enlist a team member to oversee the editing and scheduling of Instagram content however, you can open it up to a larger group to find new photos as well as videos and concepts to ensure that your Instagram feed up-to-date and interesting.

7. Create an Instagram editorial calendar

Find the Instagram publishing schedule that you like -We recommend posting at most one time per day. Keep in mind that the timing of your posts is an element within the algorithms, and you shouldn’t allow posts posted later in the day to be lost in the noise. Download our content calendar for social media to keep track of the content you’re posting on different social media platforms to ensure that you don’t get bored and are taking care of all your bases. We’re now together, it’s time to get into ways to get more likes and comments (and liked) on Instagram. For more info Click Here

8. Use an appropriate mark on the hat

If you share your content using relevant, well-known Instagram hashtags the posts will appear in searches that include those hashtags, as well as on the Explore tab. Indeed, posts with at the very least one hat tag typically have greater than 12 percent more engagement. People who are influential and interested can comment naturally when they hear you talk about topics that they are keen on, or mix some of the methods above to create engagement. Utilize an online content calendar for social media to monitor the scheduling process and its outcomes.

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