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So one afternoon I was passing by a TV guide and came across an old cult film, Incredible Mr. Limpet. Why that topic sounds familiar. As I continued reading I finally remembered. Or I have never seen this movie for decades. It is one of the ones you remember and talks about, but what was it called? One of Don Knotts’ magic films on moviescounter was in the early ’60s. When Mr. Knotts dives there and throws into the sea and turns into a live fish with mirrors. Everyone and everything else in real life. We look at the true art of cartoons and filmmaking. The clip was called ‘Without Ink Well’.

1940 – You Must Be In Pictures

Pork, Daffy Duck, and Porky’s car are the only ones popping. Daffy and Porky leave the studio in moviescounter they work for to pursue their film career.

1945 – Anchors Aweigh

Great music with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Brilliant performance from Tom and Jerry. Gene Kelly and Jerry Mouse make a habit of dancing to the beat. Actually, the story is about two sailors taking a trip to Los Angeles to get some life experience.

1964 – The Incredible Mr. Limpet

In my opinion one of Don Knotts’ best movies on moviescounter. A comedy about WW 2 (1941) before Pearl Harbor. The shy, fish-loving bookkeeper (Don Knotts) walks and dives deep into the ocean and at the same time becomes a glistening fish. He comes in public and talks to non-cartoons on the beach, his wife, and his friend (Carole Cook and Jack Weston). Eventually, he becomes a war hero.

1964 – Mary Poppins

Great Walt Disney music as a magical nanny takes two young children on a journey. Starring Julie Andrews – Mary Poppins. Dick Van Dyke – Bert / Mr. Dawes. Great film ‘Chim Chiminy’! That is why this genre has made great movies with computer graphics software (another article).

1971 – Bed rods and Broomstick sticks

This beautiful music is very similar to ‘Mary Poppins’. In 1940, Miss Price took up witchcraft studies in hopes of contributing to WW 2’s campaign against the Nazis. Eglantine Price and three children down the road of magic spells, sacrifices, and fun in the whole family bed.

1977 – Pete’s dragon

Great Walt Disney music with action / live animation. The story is based on the early 20th century and a young boy named Pete (yes) has a friend named Elliott, a cartoon dragon who can make himself invisible. Lots of fun and action! The following selections are not considered classic religious movies …. yet. They are still hand-drawn cartoons with the help of a little computer. All right! They are still magical films and show us that we are NOT at the end of the cartoon world.

1988 – Who founded Roger Rabbit

Produced by Steven Spielberg. The murder mystery began in 1947. Bob Hoskins, as an independent detective ‘Eddy Valiant,’ is investigating in Toontown. Where he came across a corrupt ‘Judge Doom’ cast played by Christopher Lloyd and his weasel-based cast. A very exciting film!

1992 – Cool Earth

The famous cartoonist finds himself in a world of cartoons that he created and created. Adults (13+ rating) is a kind of detective story. Best made live film/animation film.

1996 – Space Jam

A story from this world where a basketball game is challenged. Between the evil space monsters Monstars and the lovable Looney Tunes. Michael Jordan joins Looney Tune’s band as an artist on moviescounter de. Most of the Looney Tune characters are here in this action movie.

2000 – Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Fearless Leader finds out that Rocky and Bullwinkle are back in Hollywood. And sends Natasha and Boris to destroy them with their usual method of killing …. bombs. Adapted from a TV program that was the first broadcast in Nov. 1959.

2003 – Looney Tunes: Back to Action

Bedbugs and Daffy try to save world domination with the help of Brendan and Jenna. Steve Martin is an outstanding entertainer. All the Looney Tune characters are in this beautiful movie in some way. Sam the sheepdog beating Ralph the wolf is an example of some background, comedy.

3D animation with live-action may take over, bringing to an end the world of cartoons as we know it… I hope not! That is why this genre has made great movies with computer graphics software (another article). Great movies like these…

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