How Custom Eye Shadow Boxes Protect Your Eyeshadow’s Product

Every girl in this world loves make up and has a lot of makeup sets with her all the time. For a lot of girls, the first makeup set was probably the one which came to us as kids and started practicing on it.

Now days, it is hard to find any girl who does not own a lot of makeup and loves using it on her face for a regular use.

It has now also become a need to use make up on everyday basis as our daily busy life does not give us enough time so we could spend some trying to make our skin look good. This is why girls go with the alternative and apply makeup daily to slay.


Eyeshadows are the most important part of makeup as the more pretty the eyes look, the prettier you look. There are a lot of eyeshadow companies who make good eyeshadows and in a great variety so you can choose from it. But no doubt that these eyeshadows cost a lot too.

A simple pallet can cost you something in hundred dollars. It is hence very important to take good care of your eyeshadows too and use good eyeshadow boxes so they can preserve the quality of your eyeshadows.

There are a lot of colors in a pallet and you cannot own all of the in just one kit so a lot of people buy more than one to actually have all of the colors with them so they can slay better.

Some girls even buy every color eyeshadow differently and then, keep them in individual eyeshadow boxes. The best way to store your eyeshadows is either back in its original packing if you still have it or in some other eyeshadow box which can preserve the quality of it.

Quality of Eyeshadows

It is obvious that these eyeshadows cost a lot and no one wants to keep spending more and more money on them even though while you don’t use them much. These products can last a long time if they are used and stored right. Constant exposure to air, water or oil can totally spoil your eyeshadows and they can then afterwards start having adverse effects on your skin.

Another most common and biggest problem amongst girls is that the eyeshadows and everything as such falls so easily and breaks into pieces which is then not possible to keep back in the pack and your whole pallet or the individual eyeshadow is then ruined. There are a lot of other ways through which eyeshadow quality can be ruined and using the right box for it can save you from loosing so many dollars that you had spent on your products.

Types of Eyeshadow Boxes

There are two types of eyeshadow boxes.

Eyeshadow Pan Box Packaging

Eyeshadow pan box packaging is the packaging which is use commonly for the boxes. Packaging opens from one edge and you have to pull it out from there in order to use it.

It is convenient to use. And does not allow much air to in and harm the quality of the product or do anything else. This is mostly use for single eyeshadow as they work better with it.

These boxes can then be customized according to your choice and also, we can design it in many other ways.

It is totally upon us how we wish to store our makeup and use it. The best way of storing is doing it in a box. It would not let it get damaged or anything as such.

Eyeshadow Sleeve Packaging

The next kind of box available for packaging of eyeshadows is eyeshadow sleeve packaging. This box opens from one side only. We have to lift the lid or the cap in order to bring the material out of the box. These boxes are more preferred when it comes to shadows as eyeshadow sleeve packaging is more reliable. Easy to use and also keeps your product fresh for a longer time. As compare to any other kind of packaging. If you own a lot of eyeshadows and don’t want them to expire soon. Start ruining the texture of your skin. Then these boxes are the ones you should store them in.

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