Custom Neon Sign Donation for Whitney Avenue Elementary School

custom neon signs

If you’re looking for a cause to support and are interested in giving back to the Sacramento community, consider a Custom Neon Signs Donation for Whitney Avenue, an elementary school on the Southside. The school is home to 91% low-income families and many refugees. As a teacher, Emily Baker wanted to create a welcoming classroom environment, and a neon sign with the words “4 houses, 1 family” would do the trick. She contacted Echo Neon, and the company generously donated a sign for the school.

Custom Neon Signs Donation 

A custom neon signs donation to Whitney Avenue Elementary school is the perfect way to bring the neighborhood school into the 21st century. This elementary school serves a population of 91% low-income families and a large number of refugees. Emily Baker wanted to brighten up the classroom with a sign that reads, “4 Houses, 1 Family.” She was able to secure the donation from Echo Neon and have the sign installed in her classroom.

When you think of a custom neon sign donation, you probably don’t picture a custom school sign. Fortunately, Morgan Conn, a transplant to the Southside, had a different perspective. He was an avid writer and kept a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, including a nearly complete issue of the Stanly News and Press. He was particularly proud of his community involvement and made the school’s sign one of his highest priorities.

Live on the Southside

The Conns are proud to live on the Southside. Charly is an avid golfer, while Morgan is a homebody. Both love reading, cooking, and spending time with their dogs. The Conns are proud residents of the Southside, where they are active in the community. They are also active with the WHNA, a local nonprofit group that promotes a welcoming atmosphere in the neighborhood.

Donating Custom Neon Signs

Charly and Morgan Conn, two residents of the Southside, are donating custom neon signs for the school. While their daughter is a student at Whitney Avenue Elementary School, both parents live in the area. Charly is an avid golfer, while Morgan is an avid homebody, enjoying classic cars, reading, cooking, and spending time with her pets. Both Charly and Morgan are very proud of their neighborhood and are members of the WHNA.

custom neon signs

Custom-designed logo neon lights don’t have any filament or electrodes and require minimal power consumption. Thus, they are safe for use during nighttime, without raising your electricity bills. Similarly, custom-designed LED signs for business create a lasting impression on potential customers and increase sales. If you’re considering a custom-designed neon sign, read on to discover the advantages of LED light signs for your business.

Well-Designed Neon Sign

A well-designed neon sign is an effective marketing tool for a business of any size. The benefits of neon signage are numerous, and the cost-effectiveness of the process is highly scalable. While it’s a relatively new advertising medium, its visual impact is impressive, allowing you to design and install several signs without breaking the bank. You can also choose a neon sign that conveys a message that ties in with your business’ mission.

In addition to attracting potential customers, custom-designed neon signs are good for the environment. They use less power than traditional signs, meaning you’ll need to replace them less often. Not to mention that they’re also less wasteful. Your company’s message will reach far beyond your existing clients. It’s essential to get the attention of potential customers, and neon signs are an excellent choice for that.

Cost-Effective Option

While Neon Wall Art signs can be customized to fit your business, they can be a cost-effective option for nighttime visibility. For this reason, some businesses install extra lighting to make their signage more visible, but the cost-effectiveness of switching to neon signs is even better. Because consumers have been conditioned to look for these signs, they may even try to locate the business advertised by these signs. And that’s a win-win situation!

Custom Neon Logo Sign

A custom neon logo sign is more than an eyeball magnet. It can project a brand image, one of reliability and trustworthiness. The eye-catching appeal is enough to attract more customers, and it can also serve as motivational signage. A restaurant sign can also feature quotes to set the atmosphere, or a quote for a bar that can hint at the company’s mission. However, if your restaurant is primarily focused on food, it would be better to use quotes that are more relevant to its customers.

Unlike most other forms of signage, neon letters cannot be ten-to-one brighter than the background surface. Neon lettering can be read more easily when created with single-stroke tubeing. Channel letters also have the advantage of restricting the angle of light-emission, reducing the halo effect. Choosing the right channel letter design is crucial to ensuring readability. If the lettering is too wide or too tall, it can be distorted.

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