Decking Up Your Hands This Wedding Season

Need the inspiration to deck up your hands this wedding season? We have the perfect guide for you. Up the glam quotient this wedding season with these Pinterest-style hand diamond jewellery designs. Our article features both contemporary and traditional diamond jewellery for the Shaadi season.

Bring back the diamond tennis bracelet

Remember the classy diamond tennis bracelet? It was a classic piece of American jewellery that never got to shine at Indian weddings. Well, the new trend is all about an Indo-Western fusion so that a diamond tennis bracelet can add that oomph to your regular wedding ensemble.

Diamond bracelets are flexible and light – two qualities that make them perfect for a hectic wedding reception. If you like the minimal but elegant aesthetic, pick a diamond bracelet online.

Classic cuffs for the bride

A relatively new phenomenon amongst diamond jewellery designs are cuffs. C-shaped cuffs have become a popular choice for hand jewellery in the wedding season. These are adjustable and can be worn as a statement piece. 

The best thing about cuffs is that you can also wear them over long-sleeved outfits like the Anarkali or Indo-Western gown – a great addition for winter weddings. 

Palm cuffs have also become a popular choice for the wedding season. These have intricate designs and make a bold statement at the party. You can pair palm cuffs with any Indian outfit, be it a lehenga, a chiffon saree, or a salwar. Palm cuffs stand out in the crowd.

Kadas and kangans 

No Indian wedding ensemble is complete without bangles. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, kadas and kangans are staples in the wedding season. You can opt for one statement piece that stands out with your outfit. Most kadas don’t need any additional bangles to serve the look.

Contemporary kadas today are more intricate, as these are decked with diamonds. These kadas can add chutzpah to your Indo-Western or fusion look. 

Kangans, on the other hand, are usually a part of heirloom jewellery. You can also get kangans custom-made to fit the wedding outfit. Traditional gold kangans are compatible with silk sarees and look classic in the wedding season.

The timeless haath-phool

The haath-phool is a timeless piece of Indian hand jewellery worn by North Indian brides. It has made a comeback as more people are leaning towards traditional jewellery. The bride usually wears the haath-phool as it tends to stand out a lot. However, the latest Western trend of minimalism has changed that with new designs.

A haath-phool is meant to make an OTT statement. So if you want that one piece of jewellery to stand out, wear a haath-phool even if you’re not the bride. It goes well with lehengas, but you can also pair it with flamboyant sarees.

Traditional armlets or baajubands 

The classic Bollywood period drama style armlet is a central piece of hand jewellery for Indian brides. Contemporary minimal designs with diamonds in a gold setting look best with sleeveless blouses. You can also add a traditional vaanki to your wedding trousseau for timeless appeal.

Vintage full-finger rings 

Full-finger rings give major Maharani vibes – and the wedding season is all about looking like royalty. With Pinterest and Instagram influencing most fashion trends, these full-finger rings have made a splash in the Indian market. Ornate gold designs with leaf and peacock motifs look gorgeous with Indian outfits.

Midi-rings are the latest bridal trendsetters

Midi-rings are perfect for those who don’t like flashy jewellery. These are trendy, contemporary, and minimal. You can opt for simple diamond rings.

Cocktail rings for the modern bride

Cocktail rings are bold. If you want to be a trendsetter, consider adding cocktail rings to your ensemble.

The bottom line:

The latest fashion trends point to a wedding that is both contemporary yet classic. Latest hand jewellery trends combined with heirloom jewellery that have been passed down for generations work best for the wedding season. 

Adding little details like cocktail rings can add that X-factor to your wedding ensemble. Remember to keep your accessories light, as Indian weddings can stretch for a long period. Thanks to the e-commerce boom, you can shop for the latest diamond jewellery online in India.

Social media caption: Deck your hands with these contemporary and classic jewellery designs this wedding season.

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