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Home is not merely a physical location, but also a feeling of contentment, safety, and personal space. We all want our homes to seem attractive and inviting. But we’re at a loss on how to achieve that goal. The most important thing we don’t know is what sort of cloth will work best and from which Fabric Distributor we should buy to be within our price range. Fabric for sofas and chairs is expensive, therefore it’s important that it lasts a long time so that we don’t have to redecorate too often. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at viscose, one of the best fabrics for interior design. And what are the reasons this fabric is a good idea? Also, you will get to know whom to choose as fabric distributor and supplier for wholesale fabric.

What is Viscose

The term “viscose” is used interchangeably with “rayon”; the fabric gets its honey-like feel during production, thus the name. Due to its primary component, wood pulp, viscose cannot be easily categorised as either synthetic or natural. Though the use of wood pulp makes it more natural, the production process (which is very polluting) is human-driven.

In other words, viscose is a rayon fabric that is only partially synthetic since it is made from natural materials like beech, pine, eucalyptus, and even bamboo. It’s semi-synthetic since it may be made naturally, as was already established. It is subjected to chemicals such as carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide.

Soft and lightweight, viscose was first developed in the 1800s as a more affordable alternative to silk. Because of these qualities, these products have been standard in every household’s wardrobe for decades.

Features of Viscose

Viscose fabric is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a lightweight cloth that nevertheless has a lovely drape and finish. A more expensive attractive cloth wouldn’t cost nearly as much as this does, despite its sophisticated appearance. In addition to this, viscose is renowned for the following qualities: 

  • Absorbency- Because of its high absorption rate, viscose makes it a wonderful material for tees and workout clothes. It may absorb water and perspiration from the body since it doesn’t keep heat in the fabric.
  • Softness- Viscose is assured to be incredibly soft, exactly like cotton, despite the silkiness it contains, which creates a smoother and classier appearance.
  • Breathability- Along with its lightweight nature, the user of viscose fabric will also notice that it provides a pleasant sense of airiness. In addition to soaking up perspiration, it also leaves behind a sticky, uncomfortable sensation.
  • Capacity to retain its form – Unlike other textiles lauded for their drape, viscose is not elastic and hence prone to distorting when hung or folded. Because of this property, it goes well with other fabrics, such as spandex, to create flexible combinations.
  • Colour retention- The colour in viscose remains vibrant even after several washings and wearings.

Viscose for upholstery 

Because of its absorbency, comfort, and cost-effectiveness, viscose is one of the finest fabrics for upholstery.

As a result of its characteristics, viscose fabric is not only used for upholstery. To add shine and longevity to the fabric and furniture, this cloth is often combined with other materials.

Nonetheless, the viscose contains flaws, just like any other fabric. This fabric is susceptible to deterioration when subjected to increased solar radiation. Contrary to other forms of synthetic fibre, it is not particularly resistant to dirt and wrinkle concerns.

Viscose as rugs

Carpets made of Viscose aren’t the best choice for high-traffic areas or bathrooms since they’re dirtier and more difficult to maintain than wool rugs.

Because of its softness and fragility, viscose is not a good choice for houses with active children, dogs, or lots of visitors. Rugs may lose their colour and form rapidly, which can be a problem in low-income homes. Synthetic fibres like nylon or polyester are more durable and well-suited to this kind of dwelling.

For cleaning 

A viscose rug is readily ruined by moisture. It may lose as much as half its strength when exposed to liquid. So a rug that sees a lot of spills and foot activity will wear out rapidly. Avoid using water-based cleaners and keeping your viscose area rug in a low-traffic area of the house can help it last for many years to come.

If you flip your viscose upside down while it dries, you may prevent it from ageing and becoming yellow. Dry cleaning is a popular and effective alternative for viscose, however it may not be able to remove heavy stains if cleaned at high temperatures.

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Care instruction

Care for viscose is necessary not just to preserve its beauty but also to extend its useful life. Fabrics made of viscose need to be dry washed. It will lose strength and elasticity when wet, which will have an effect on how it looks in general.

If you need to wash it often, hand wash it in cool water with a light detergent. One should take care not to crease or squeeze their hands when washing them. After a thorough washing, dry it by hanging it up or laying it flat.

There is no evidence to suggest that viscose rugs hold up well over time or are particularly durable. However, they are generally among the greatest choices due to their dazzling appearance, variety of colours, variety of styles, size, and adaptability. It’s not necessary to make a long-term commitment to a rug, and if you discover a viscose design that works with your decor, you should definitely think about purchasing it. Viscose-mix carpets, such as those integrating other man-made fibres or even wool or silk, may lead to a longer lasting item for the house. So keep that in mind as well.


With viscose, you can decorate your home as per your wishes and can keep it for a longer period. Apart from durability, it is a beautiful fabric that offers comfort as well as appearance. With the right choice of colour, print and fabric distributor, you can ensure authenticity and quality. It is always better to buy wholesale fabric for home decor as it fits in your budget as well as gives a matching look to the house. 


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