Designer Pet Houses: Give you Furbudies a Personalised Home

dog house

Why not give them a home as they are supposed to be man’s best friend? Could this be a new sector for architects, with the pet market rising every year? Your dog may now have everything they’ve ever wanted: a house, thanks to four different designs. You’re probably one of those people who can’t fathom life without your family’s barking and meowing.

It’s crucial to consider your pets’ demands and your personal lifestyle while creating a new home or modifying an existing one to suit your four-legged pals. Don’t let your home become a haven for cats and dogs. Here are some helpful hints for designing and furnishing your home in a pet-friendly manner. This will not only help in giving your fur buddies comfort but will help you keep your beds and home clean.

Pet-friendly fabrics

pet house

The goal of selecting upholstery fabric is to select fabrics that will make your job easier. Choose colours that are complementary to your pet’s fur. Avoid delicate textiles like velvet or silk, which your pets can easily destroy. Crypton is a stain- and odor-resistant synthetic cloth that is practically indestructible. The fabric should be in such a way that is something that doesn’t cause irritation on the skin of the pets as well.

Spacious enough for the pets

dog house

The pet house should have enough space for the pets to be in that will not cause any issue for them to enter or come out of them. This can severally affect the health of the dogs and cats affecting their posture and health complications related to the spine and their back. Dogs especially need space to grow better, as a spacious home makes them feel happy and they tend to grow better.


indoor dog house

For a dog house, durability is a necessary and important consideration. Wooden pet houses in this scenario are the best because it is strong and durable, and easy to clean. Because the acid in pet spit can stain porous materials like marble and natural stones, avoid them. With durability, the bet homes will be very cost affective for the person with dogs as it is highly expensive to maintain a dog or a cat at home, it is recommended that pet houses should be a one-time investment for lifelong.

Pet safe paints

house of dog

Pets, like children, may have a lot of fun with the walls.  Use washable paint to brighten up the walls and make stain removal a breeze. Semi-gloss or satin finish paint is a great choice for pet homes. There are few colours and chemicals that can affect the health of the pets, so before choosing the colours of the pet houses do make sure that the colors are pet friendly or not.


big dog house

Just like you, your pets too want a comfortable space to rest at. Before buying pet houses, one should make sure that the pet homes are comfortable for the pets. You should not buy beds for your pets that are just visually beautiful, and matching to your style, it should also be comfortable for the pets also. Having good quality materials in the dog house.

Matching with the decor

wooden dog house

Before buying pet houses, one should also keep in mind that they should also match the home decor. As ultimately one has to take care that everything of the dogs and cats should match with the home decor as well. This doesn’t mean that one needs to compromise with the comfort of their pets, it should both match with the decor and be comfortable at the same time.

Having pets is like bliss, one has to take care of them like a kid and they are also very helpful and happy beings that will add love and joy to your life. But choosing the right homes for their comfort and also blending them with the various home decor is another task. For this, one can buy dog houses online for better designs and also get attractive discounts. There are various trusted online websites, that provide pet-friendly and pet-safe pet houses that will be highly designer and also comfortable for the pets at home. So go and check out the website and choose the best one that gives the quality product at an affordable price.


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