Develop an On-demand multi-services app and take a leap into the gig economy

The digital era is exploding and customers are hooked to their smartphones round the clock. Importantly, 21st-century users want to fulfill their requirements immediately. Therefore, it is the right time for entrepreneurs to create an on-demand multi-service app

What is an on-demand service marketplace script?

  • It is a pre-built digital solution where consumers can book various services as per their requirements. They will receive real-time results about the available service providers near their location. 
  • An app development company would use advanced frameworks and tools to create user-friendly mobile apps and a booking website. 
  • Besides that, techpreneurs can add brand elements like colours, graphics, shapes and sizes, theme lines, and logos. 
  • A faster launch is guaranteed since the features and functionalities are similar to popular on-demand service booking platforms. 

Explore the numerous category of services in an on-demand platform

  • Ride-hailing and sharing – With public transport systems being congested and fuel costs increasing, techpreneurs can provide ride-hailing and sharing services to commuters. Generally, passengers can book different kinds of bikes, cars, as well as sleek taxis. They can view a list of drivers and vehicles available near their location. Further, travellers can to make a booking and they will know the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the drivers. Hence, users can view the arrival of the cabs by switching on the GPS on their smartphones.  
  • Delivery services – Alcohol, flowers, food, groceries, medicines and what not? Anything and everything can be delivered to customers by an on-demand multi-service platform. Likewise, techpreneurs can see a list of liquor outlets, florists, restaurants, provision stores, pharmacies etc.

Users can see a list of branded products, add them to their order carts, process the necessary payment via e-wallets, net banking accounts, and wire transfers. 

The retail partner will receive a notification about the concerned order, keep the products ready for pickup by the delivery executive, and the logistics personnel will hand it over to the customers directly. 

  • Logistics – As e-commerce booms, there is an urgent need for high-quality logistics services. Entrepreneurs can introduce courier delivery services to entice customers across all age groups. You can hire a team of parcel delivery executives for handing over packages to customers. Using multimodal transport will assist in on-time delivery and improve the overall success rate.

Above all, B2B express delivery services offer more revenue. Corporate companies can tap the on-demand package delivery services section and ensure dispatch of consignments on the go.

Likewise, entrepreneurs like you can categorise the sections into express delivery, hourly delivery, and same-day services. This satisfies customers completely.

What are the other on-demand services that are trending in the market?

Lucrative opportunities – As house owners aim to keep their properties spik and span, entrepreneurs can take advantage of this big opportunity. The on-demand home services industry will grow by a whopping $1574.86 billion for the next 3 years.

Therefore, digipreneurs can partner with tons of beauticians, carpenters, cleaners, electricians, home repair experts, painters, pest control specialists, plumbers, etc. These trained technicians will arrive with the required equipment, wear personal protective equipment (PPEs), face masks, and gloves, and clean the households thoroughly. 

Entrepreneurs can ensure transparency by dividing the home services marketplace into different categories. You can introduce separate sections like appliances (servicing, repair, installation, and uninstallation), best offers, and contactless services. 

Moreover, techpreneurs can attract customers and service providers with a variety of incentives. You can offer discounts, gift cards, offers, insurance against property damage, promo codes, a reward-oriented referral program, and skill training programs for repair experts. 

How is an on-demand marketplace script is highly beneficial?

  • Lower capital expenditure – No wonder, launching a digital platform for providing numerous services is capital intensive. However, an on-demand marketplace solution ensures that entrepreneurs incur a lesser reduction on investment (ROI). 

Thus, there is a greater chance of gaining a greater market share. In the long run, techpreneurs can pocket a hefty profit by getting more bookings from customers. 

  • Saves time for users – Undoubtedly, capturing the minds of the target audience is essential for entrepreneurs. Traditionally, the on-demand service industry has numerous players along with plenty of middlemen.

But, a virtual platform for buying and selling services will help users in booking their preferred service instantly. House owners need not waste time calling each service provider and checking if they can come to their premises for work. 

A digital marketplace will share real-time updates about the availability of service providers, average rating received from customers, email address, their photos, skillsets, phone number, reviews, testimonials from previous customers, and work experience. 

Therefore, users will choose the most suitable service provider for keeping their homes in top condition. They can also interact with them via live chat to resolve any problems. 

  • Greater convenience –  Traditionally, home service experts are available only for a few hours. However, an on-demand multi-services app would help entrepreneurs to operate 24x7x365. 

They can accept bookings from house owners throughout the day and allocate the tasks to service providers based on their availability. A heatmap shares real-time availability about the locations of the gig workers and the status of their tasks (ongoing, yet to be completed, and finished). This enables techpreneurs to have 360-degree control over the business operations.

How does an on-demand multi-services app act as a money-spinner?

Commission for every booking – Entrepreneurs like you can levy a commission for every service booking made by a user. Flexibility is ensured as the rates can be modified depending on the average ratings of the service providers, the popularity of the retail brand, the location of the customer, the date and time of booking, and the type of service.

Delivery charges – Unquestionably, logistics personnel will go to any nook and corner to give parcels to customers. Therefore, techpreneurs can impose a delivery fee for every order placed by users. The fees can be adjusted based on the distance from the retail outlet to the consumer’s home and the level of fuel consumption. 

Subscription Packages – Monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans will help in capturing a large customer base. Regular users can purchase these packages and get advantages like the absence of surge fees, access to new products, free delivery of goods, priority technical support, and unlimited deliveries.   

Wrapping Up

As the virtual world clashes with brick-and-mortar businesses, the former is likely to captivate more eyeballs. Therefore, entrepreneurs can partner with an app development company and come out with an on-demand multi-services app soon.

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I work in a leading taxi app development company AppDupe located in the US. We are mainly into the cloning of mobile apps and this area has intrigued my interest to explore it further.

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