Different gold jewellery that are affordable in Singapore

Different gold jewelry that is affordable in Singapore. According to one research, gold jewelry is one of the most bought women’s accessories globally. We don’t think we need to explain why it is. For every woman, gold jewelry is the most precious and favorite accessory that every woman wants. However, there’s no wonder gold jewelry is not just the most expensive type of women’s accessory. It is the most costly asset anyone can own in the world.

Budget Gold Jewelry

But of course, there are different types of gold jewelry out there, including the budget category. No, it’s not that budget (affordable that you’re thinking). The term budget gold jewelry refers to the low cost, lightweight, low karat gold jewelry compared to other regular gold jewelry.

However, buying affordable gold jewelry isn’t an easy task, or you might end up purchasing the wrong type of jewelry. That’s why, in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide article on how to buy affordable gold jewelry and some of the best cheap gold jewelry.

Types of Gold

In jewelry, gold is classified into different categories. To be precise, globally, four types of gold are used to make gold jewelry. Below is the article, we’ve discussed them for you:

24 Karat Gold

24 Karat is the purest form of gold. It’s 100% pure gold, and anything made from this 24 Karat gold means that the material is 100% pure gold. It doesn’t involve any impurity or metal. However, due to this nature, 24K gold is not suitable to be used in jewelry. Because gold itself is a very soft and flexible metal, you can change its shape and size even with your bare hands. In that case, mixing some impurities is essential. This type of gold is only used for raw gold objects (assets) such as gold blocks, coins, etc.

22K  Karat Gold

22K gold consider the purest form of gold, which you can use to make jewelry.  It’s about 92% pure gold. The rest of the 9% are impurities such as nickel, aluminum, zinc, and silver. This nature of 24K gold makes it perfect to use in gold jewelry since the impurities can make the shape rigid and robust. However, 22K gold jewelry is the most expensive one as well.

21k Karat Gold

21K gold jewelry is about 88% pure gold with 12% impurities. This type of jewelry is specifically made for those who want the highest purity level of gold at a not-so-high price. It’s usually used in heavy jewelry such as bridal sets, full-size gold necklaces, gold bangles, etc. Because if we use 22K gold in such jewelry, the price will increase considerably. That’s why people usually use 21K in heavy gold jewelry.

18K  Karat Gold

18K gold is about 75% pure gold. It’s specifically made for those who want budget gold jewelry. Since it involves a considerable amount of impurities (25%), it is inexpensive compared to 22K and 21. Especially for this article, if you’re looking for a budget and affordable gold jewelry, the 18K gold option is best for you!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Gold Jewelry

While purchasing affordable and budget jewelry, note that it’s not as easy as you think. There are few things to consider before buying budget gold jewelry. Below we’ve mentioned them for you:

Gold Kara 

For your ease, we’ve already mentioned and explained gold karats. Every gold karat has different pricing and is specified for other consumers. However, in terms of the budget category, we highly recommend going with the 18K option. You can choose the 21K or 22K option, but they’re not recommended for budget consumers. As compensation, 21K or 22K budget jewelry is usually very light and extremely simple. So, it’s better to go with the 18K option. It also allows you to add more weight and custom design. You can use 18K in necklaces, bridal jewelry, bangles, etc. All these, in a budget pricing!

 Design and Customizations

Gold jewelry pricing isn’t always dependent on the amount of gold. The manufacturers will charge you a decent amount of money for the manufacturing, designing, and labor of the jewelry. However, the price and commission vary according to your location, country, and currency inflation. If we talk about Singapore, the manufacturers will charge you about 30-60% extra from the total gold used in the jewelry. 

It all depends on the design, complexity, and size of your jewelry. The more complex the design will be, the more price the manufacturer will charge you!

Gold Certification

Gold isn’t a cheap material. Moreover, budget gold jewelry might sound inexpensive, but in reality, it’s still the most expensive asset of the item compared to other consumer products in your house. Therefore, it’s better to check the authentication of the gold you’re purchasing.

In gold jewelry, authentication refers to the certification of the gold. We highly recommend you only purchase your jewelry from a well-known and trusted seller. 

In Singapore, ISO and SSC are two standard organizations that work in jewels and gold. Jewelry with an ISO or SSC certified stamp proves that the gold in that jewelry is 100% genuine, same as stated, and meets all the criteria of the respective standard.

Best Budget Gold Jewelry

Now that you know the buying guide for budget gold jewelry. We’ve explained everything you need to know about gold jewelry and things to consider before purchasing gold jewelry. However, this guide is useless if we don’t tell you some of the best gold jewelry on a low budget.

Continue reading the article:

Necklaces for Women

If you’re looking for budget gold jewelry, then neck chains might be the best option for you. It’s the best jewelry on a low budget. Neck chains are generally low-eight and straightforward.

That’s why a meager amount of gold requir to build them. Moreover, due to their simple nature, the manufacturer will not ask for a high commission. Generally, in simple jewelry, the manufacturers will demand 20-30% of the total price of the gold used in the respective jewelry.

And neck chains also fall into the simple jewelry category. Therefore, neck chains’ manufacturing cost is also meager! However, they don’t fall in the affordable category; it’s just their nature that makes them possible to be in a low price section.

Ear Rings

Earrings are one of the most small-sized yet most noticeable wearable accessories for a woman. Our eyes have a more peripheral vision on the X-axis the Y-axis. Even if you notice the structure of eyes, they’re in broader shape. Hence the eye covers more light in the X-axis.

Our ears  cover in the X-axis peripheral vision, while neck chains and most jewelry aren’t covered in the peripheral vision. Talking about the earrings, they’re usually minimal in size. Of course, an ordinary woman can’t wear heavy and oversized earrings comfortably. That’s why they’re purposely built light in weight and straightforward as possible and not because they’re budget jewelry.

To be precise, they weigh about 1-2 grams. Due to their weight, a tiny chunk of gold use in them. Even if you use 22k gold in them, they’ll still be inexpensive. Overall, it’s perfect gold jewelry to purchase if you don’t have any earrings already!

Womens Bracelet

Womens bracelet are another best piece of jewelry for those who’re on a hunt for budget gold jewelry. Just like all the jewels mentioned above in the above article, thin bagels are also extremely light in weight.

Talking about its style and aesthetics, slim bangles are more focused on simplicity and are specified for those women who want something to wear on their wrists. Narrow bangles weigh about 3-5 grams, so a tiny amount of gold requir in their manufacturing.

Moreover, adding a custom design or investing much in their plan isn’t worthwhile due to their slim nature. Therefore, they’re kept simple and hence have a low design cost!

Using 21k or 18k gold in them is perfect and will keep you on a budget. Overall, this is the best budget gold jewelry you can buy!

Womens Ring

Now, this jewelry is subjective to some specific women depending on their choice. Some women might not like to wear a ring, while some consider a ring to bring out the femininity in women

They generally have different sizes in terms of stones and diamonds, and manufacturers use 24K gold in them. Overall, if you like to wear a ring, you can purchase this as the best budget jewelry!


There’s no wonder, wearing gold jewelry is the dream for most middle-class and average-class women. However, due to inflation, the average pricing of gold jewelry has increased to 117% of the average income in Singapore.

If you want to buy and wear your own gold jewelry, you might consider going with budget and affordable gold jewelry. That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate article on everything you need to know about budget gold jewelry and the best affordable and budget online jewellery Singapore!

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