Different Outfits Curated with Different Colors

We all share different equations with different colors. What might be your favorite color, does not necessarily have to have an impactful image for others or a place in their wardrobe.  For instance, mostly, black and brown leather jackets are the traditional colors, and they are widely loved and popular, but if someone loves a men’s white cafe racer jacket. It is because their personal taste falls into that color spectrum and not because brown and black leather jackets are less savory. In fact black, and brown are the traditional leather jackets colors, and they make the most loved choices when it comes to getting a leather jacket. 

So the equation we share with colors is as personal as your personal style, and while the love and the hate/ indifference that we hold for certain colors do not necessarily have to stem from their lack of incompetence, but more because of the relationship that we share with them and how well they accentuate your looks. Apart from these factors, the way certain colors go with our personality depending on our skin tone plays a vital role too.

Colors enhance things and they are the first thing that we notice when we go for shopping. Depending on our personal equation with those colors, we form a perception. Hence, it is essential to give a certain amount of importance to color as we curate our outfits. Which is why we have curated this list of outfits inspiration with some of the distinct colors. If you are fashion-savvy like us and love experimenting, this list would come in handy. Read on to know more and pick your best picks.


  • Edgy and Stylish Black Outfit

When it comes to the desirability of the color black, it surely tops the list of all the other colors. Being one of the most sought for colors, be it a party or a professional gathering, a black outfit makes the right staple piece choice and is the easiest option to put together. They also come with great sliming capacity that renders them the ultimate edge. To go with the styling of black outfits, you have got tons of options. Be it going for a dress option and putting on a mini black dress or opting out for a leather on leather combination that is equal in the amount of sass and style, you have got a plethora of options to go with.

To curate a simple outfit that brims with casual energy, put on a pair of leather skirts and pair it with a plum top. You can top it with a slim-fit leather jacket and give it the ultimate edge and versatility. If you want to curate a dressy outfit for a party or a special occasion, put on a long pleated black dress with high heels and heavy metallic jewelry, and you are ready to shine. Whatever might be your outfit choice, with black as the centric color, you are sure to rock.


  • Bold and Beautiful Red Outfit

Bursting with crackling energy, red outfits have the most exotic aura. They make the perfect outfit options when you are looking for something loud, something boisterous, something that screams fierce or ferocious in the best way possible. Red, like the color, stands for many things and is an emblem of extreme, and it signifies many things. The use of the color in clothes and fashion has been wide, that is partly due to its catchy appearance and charm, and partly due to all the things that it signifies.

We all love the color red, and the best part about it is the fact that it fits everyone’s personality and somehow manages to accommodate to everyone. To curate an enigmatic red outfit, try out simpler combinations with a pair of a black pants and a red button-down shirt or a trendy and buzzing with a red mini dress with pom-poms and studded leggings. For shoes, you can go for something in the same bright hue or try pairing something metallic and stand out.


  • Classic Grey Outfit

Because of their seemingly bland appearance, curating outfits with a grey color as the centric color palette might seem like an unflattering task, but it has to be one of the most interesting ones. You can do a lot of things with the styling of a grey color. It makes one of the mysterious and enigmatic choices. Because of its subdued appeal, you can put on accessories and additives to further enhance and accentuate the vibe of the outfit. To go with the styling of the outfit with the grey color, put on a graphic t-shirt with a pair of grey t-shirt, and to elevate the style, try out a colorful or printed scarf, and you are good to go with the easy-breezy and stylish grey colored outfit.


  • Immaculate White Outfit

A white outfit can never go wrong. Because of its immaculate charm, white outfits make one of the chicest and suave staple pieces. Incorporated in the styling, they render you with the instant well-put appeal – which makes white is a great color to go with when it comes to the styling of an office outfit. To go with the styling of a white suave chic outfit, put on a pair of white denim pants with a white fur coat or try out a rare yet chic combo with a white leather jacket. However you wish to curate, this color combination incorporated into your outfit lets you shine in the best way possible. So be it a corporate meeting or a casual get-together or outing, your outfit is sure to rock and work out for you.


  • Funky Pink Outfit

With the ultimate punch of playfulness, pink gives the ultimate funky pop to your whole wardrobe. Available in tons of different undertones, it is one of those popular colors that have made a great name for itself, especially among women. However, it has long ditched the stereotypes attached to the color and now is widely popular among men as well. To curate some cute and vibrant outfits with the color, go for a cute oversized fluffy sweatshirt and pair it with a pair of denim or try out a long dress with pearls and pom-poms and curate that bit dressy and vibrant outfit.

For guys, you can curate a decent pink outfit by mixing and merging the color with lighter hues or try out some trendy pairings with either black combinations or white ones. Further, accentuate the look with great shoes and accessories.


  • Vibrant Blue Outfit

Blue makes a perfect lively and vibrant color choice. Brims with the energy oceans, they make a great option when it comes to curating the perfect outfits for springs. Its lighter undertone makes them an appropriate choice for spring and winter. To curate some trendy outfits with the color, go for variegated pairings. Try mixing and mergings the blue color with either different shades of lighter hues of the colors that depict nature or go for neutrals. A pretty frilly outfit paired with a pair of green pants makes a nice, wholesome outfit look.


  • Sumptuous Ocean Green

Because of its bright appearance and vibrance, ocean green is sure to make a great option for the spring season. Just like blue, ocean green has a resonance with the nature, and because of this quality, it makes a great rejuvenating option that is sure to send away your seasonal blues in the best way possible. Other than that, it has a perfect bright aura that renders you instantly with the best sort of well-put styling techniques. To go with the styling of this look, put on a bright color maxi with sumptuous floral prints in ocean green color and accessories it with your funky, quirky, bright-hued jewelry. 


  • Pretty Pastel Outfit

Pastel colors are an amalgam of varied color tones. From yellows to green, caramel and baby pink – the options are endless when it comes to the varied range of options that it has to offer. From curating the best daytime party outfits to a perfect casual one, this color offers you a wide range of options, so you can put on a neutral-colored pink pastel maxi with pearls and adornments or try out an uplifting combination with the pretty sequin top and pastel-colored chiffon skirt.


  • Trendy Neon Outfit

Neon colors are the latest color trend that has created quite some stir in the world of fashion. Brimming with the party energy and unique charm, they make one of the best color options when it comes to curating a dramatic party attire. And just like pastels, neon defines a whole new range of colors and not just one single color, which makes them one versatile option too. To maintain the quirky energy of the color and make the most out of it, try pairing an equally dramatic outfit with customized jackets and trendy ripped pants. Conclude the look with heightened styling.



The winter season is here, and we surely need the best colorful outfits to ace the chilly fashion to the fullest. So whether you are in a mood to go for a bright-hued outfit or looking for something easy-breezy, this list is curated to give you a head start and go with the color trend in the most epic sort of way.

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