Different Steps of Family Counseling To Improve Relations

Summary: Family is indeed a unique social system with its own designed structure and distinct patterns of communication. Over a period of time, people in huge numbers have opted for family counseling which is often looked upon as one of the most useful options for families going through a rough phase.

A family may not always have a smooth sailing life. Life is just that way – it has its ups and downs. These trials test the foundation of a family and the capability of the parents to handle problems. Certain issues are sure to crop up every now and then concerning different aspects of life including relationships among family members.

In a family, children should be a priority especially when it comes to their physical and mental health. Parents are responsible for raising them the best way possible and one of their major responsibilities pertains to the children’s physical health. This should never be ignored because a person’s physical health reflects his total well-being.

Improving their eating habits

When health is a problem, though, parents can seek family counseling at home. With Mental health counseling Fairfax VA, children particularly those suffering from certain diseases can be assisted in improving their eating habits. A study done by Finnish researchers from the University of Turku found that children at risk of cardiovascular disease developed healthier eating habits after benefiting from home-based counseling.

Subjects resulting from the family counseling

Within a period of three years, the children covered by the research underwent Family counseling Fairfax sessions. As a result, the children later confirmed that after counseling, there were able to avoid foods with too much fat and salt compared to their peers. Unfortunately, the study did not find any effect on the exercise and smoking habits of the subjects resulting from the family counseling sessions done at home.

Effective communication skills

Family counseling usually involves the provision of a variety of interventions to help members cope with specific issues they may be facing. Focus is given to education and guidance in the aspects of developing discipline, problem-solving as well as anger management skills, effective communication skills, and skills in coping. Counselors may accompany family members as well in attending appointments in relation to fulfilling certain goals.

Favorable opportunities Relations 

When young people are the focus of family counseling, counselors usually try to find ways to provide favorable opportunities that will help improve a child’s self-esteem, widen his knowledge of spiritual and family values and help him or her develop future goals. This type of counseling session is ideal for families where parents may not have sufficient time to monitor their children’s physical and mental health on a daily basis because of too much workload in the business or office. The early the counseling can start, the better for the children.

Provide guidance and education

However, this is not to say that the parents don’t have any role to play in this situation. Their cooperation is of utmost importance because after all, they’re still the parents responsible for raising their children and making sure they are in the best of health. While family counselors may provide guidance and education, the parents should also take it upon themselves to follow up with their children. Communication is vital here and parents should do their best to find out. How their children are doing especially when it comes to their eating habits.

If your family may be experiencing some serious problems in the different aspects of your life that you find difficult to cope with, home-based counseling may be a good option for you to consider. The primary objective of any family is to function in harmony as a unit. If your family unit has been facing some personal issues, hardships, or difficulties for a long time. These are the family counseling techniques you must follow:

Family Photographs

Photos of different occasions of family gatherings are enough to give a fair idea about what is the current state of affairs in the family. This method entails asking one of the family members to pick their favorite picture from the album and discuss the wonderful memories associated with the pictures.

Communication Building

Communication processes and patterns are the main reasons that affect family communication. Experienced counselors utilize a diverse variety of techniques that emphasize effective communication building among families.


The Genogram is a work of pictures and symbols that tells a lot about the family history. It actually acts like an informative tool for the counselor. Necessary details like names, dates of marriage, divorce, death, and other important matters are included in the Genogram.


Family counselors use this technique to understand basic family issues.  They offer a different perspective to them so that issues can be solved in a timely manner. For e.g., a father’s questioning of his daughter’s closeness with boys can be considered a concern of a loving father. And here, the generation gap gives birth to misunderstandings.

Empty Chair

Here, the family member will do the role-playing of the other member and carry on a dialogue. After the act, expressions to absent family, parents, and children can be collected by utilizing this counseling technique.

All family counseling experts are different in their skills, expertise, and knowledge. They may customize their techniques according to their beliefs and training. So, when choosing a counselor check out their skills and if you are a religious person. You may want to hire a counselor that has the same values as you possess. With the right mindset and a reliable counselor, counseling can be a great resource for any family.

Many people are reluctant to utilize family counseling services because they wrongly assume. This will force them to abandon more traditional approaches to therapy in exchange for what may be nothing more than a professionally-directed prayer circle. The comprehensive counseling solution can be the deciding factor in the success of the family unit. And their ability to function together. If you want to get your partner to agree to counsel and aren’t sure how to bring it up, these tips will help make it easier.

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