Do you have to ensure the trailer?

trailer insurance

We have discussed the mandatory trailer insurance law required to be in place with motor vehicles to protect the civil obligation that the person insured is liable for potential damage that we could cause to other people as well as their belongings.

What happens to the vehicles that don’t have engines like trailers? Do you have to insure trailers? This is the question we will be analyzing in the coming weeks.

Insurance isn’t required for trailers that

weigh less than 750 kilos since they are covered under the policy of the car.

Semi-trailers and trailers are kind of motorized vehicle that is connected to a tractor,

such as a truck or a car that is pulled. There are several kinds of trailers:

Different types of trailers are classified according to their features

Hook tow or complete

A trailer with at minimum two axles with at minimum

one axle for steering is equipped with a towing device that can be moved vertically

and does not transfer a significant burden (less than 100kg.) to the vehicle that is traction.

center axle trailer

trailer equipped with an attachment device that is unable to be moved

horizontally (in regard to the trailer) and the axles are situated in close proximity

to the car’s center of gravity, meaning that only a tiny static

vertical load is transferred to the vehicle towing it.


Non-self-propelled vehicle, designed and developed to be connected to an automobile,

upon which it can rest and transfer a significant portion of its weight.


Semi-trailers or trailers are constructed and conditioned to function as mobile homes.

agricultural trailer

Specially designed transportation vehicle that is designed to be pulled

using an agricultural tractor power tiller, carrier or self-propelled agricultural machines. There are also agricultural semi-trailers.

The trailers, based on their dimensions

Alongside their features semi-trailers and trailers that are not agricultural are classified based on their maximum allowed weight (MMA) :

Light trailers: those whose maximum weight authorized is not greater than 750 kg.

From MMA more than 750 kg. and under 3,500 kilograms.

MMA greater than 3,500 kg. and less than 10,000 kg.

Of MMA more than 10,000 kg.

Insured for trailers with light weights

If you’re wondering if it is required to take out a catering trailer insurance Uk policy for the trailer, it can be said that it’s the weight that counts. A small trailer to transport household or leisure objects, like motorcycles, bikes or even the bags of a tent is not identical to driving a huge trailer that transports goods.

Trailers that weigh less than 750 kilograms or light trailers don’t require insurance, but they can be covered by car insurance which’s civil liability coverage could be enough to pay for the cost of damage to third parties.

Insurance for the tractor’s head as well as trailer provides specific protection for the carriers

Insurance for trailers with more than the weight of 750 kg

The other trailers require insurance that is independent of the insurance policy that covers the vehicle which is pulling it, be it an automobile as well as the head tractor of the truck.

In the policy of large trailers, such as those that are used to transport items that are hitched to trucks there is specific protection for carriers that safeguard the trailer and the cargo it is carrying, as well as the following guarantees:

Robbery and theft

LOTT freight insurance

Civil liability coverage for Cargo

Travel Assistance

If you have Car Insurance also covers your trailer

The policy of the vehicle that tows these vehicles typically provides coverage to reduce the impact of a collision by a trailer that is light. However, it is recommended to notify the insurance provider that the vehicle will be a part of tourism and that certain conditions have to be fulfilled that insurers stipulate in the terms of the policies.

In all cases, it is generally required to attach the trailer to the car insured (and not to another vehicle) in time of loss. the time that the car is damaged.

Insurance for cars covers the civil responsibility in accidents that happen on the trailer

The insurance policies that cover your trailer during these instances are typically limited to civil liability for damages that are caused to third parties.

If the policy specifically covers it, the insurance for the trailer will not cover the trailer’s own damage, even though there are insurance options that will cover your own accidents or thefts in trailers. Additionally, towing can cause damage to your vehicle, which is covered by the policy and which the insurance is not responsible for, recognizing this as an exclusion.

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