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Dry vs Steam Carpet Cleaning

Regular foot traffic, food spills, dirt, and stains can make your carpets look dull and dusty. This calls for professional carpet cleaning. Professional cleaners use specific cleaning methods to remove all the stubborn stains and dirt from carpets. There are numerous carpet cleaning methods. Dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning are the most common ones in carpet cleaning Palm Beach. Both of these methods have their own pros and cons. Read below to know more about them.

Why do we need professional carpet cleaning?

People also use some DIY methods for carpet cleaning. But those methods fail to give long-lasting and permanent cleaning solutions. However, professional cleaning methods use specific solutions and machines to give durable and long-lasting cleaning. These methods remove even the most stubborn stains and give your carpets a new-like shine and color.

Pros and cons of Dry carpet cleaning-

Dry carpet cleaning uses some particular chemicals to extract the dirt, dust, and stains from your carpets.


  • Very effective- This method uses specific cleaning agents according to the carpet types and cleaning requirements. Such chemicals give very effective and visible cleaning results in carpet cleaning Palm Beach.
  • Lesser wastage- Dry carpet cleaning uses a very small amount of water as compared to other cleaning methods. Thus, it wastes a very less amount of water.
  • Quick– Carpets take very less time for drying in this dry cleaning method. Moreover, they are ready to use within a very short period of time after cleaning.
  • Budget-friendly- The synthetic chemicals for dry cleaning method are easily available in market. They are very cheap and are available in a variety of brands. So, you can choose the cheapest and the most suitable one for you.


  • Exposure to chemicals- Dry carpet cleaning methods use harmful chemical compounds to extract the dirt. This might be unsafe for your family.
  • Difficult to remove- Sometimes, the chemical substances remain stuck in the carpet fibers. This can be dangerous for kids and pets at home.
  • Cleans the upper surface only- The bonnet pads in dry cleaning method cleans only the upper surfaces of the carpets. Thus, pests and germs can still reside within the layers of carpet fibers.

Pros and Cons of Steam carpet cleaning-

Steam carpet cleaning uses water vapors maintained at high temperature and pressure to pull out the stains and other contaminants from the carpets.


  • Removes the most stubborn stains- Steam cleaning method uses a truck mounted system which pressurizes steam within the carpet fibers. So, the steam Carpet Cleaning Palm Beach can remove even the oldest and the most stubborn stains.
  • Lesser efforts- This is a professional cleaning method and is performed by well-trained carpet cleaners. So, the cleaning would require lesser efforts from your side.
  • Deep cleaning from within- The hot water vapors in steam cleaning penetrate deeply into the carpet fibers and spaces. Thus, it gives a deep cleaning from within and the most effective cleaning results.
  • Long-lasting results- Steam cleaning cleanses the carpet fibers from within.  Moreover, the steam carpet cleaning Palm Beach removes the dirt, dust, and stains with a guaranteed perfection and thus gives long-lasting results.


  • A bit expensive- Steam cleaning method uses specific machines and steam trucks. Thus, this method can be a bit heavy on your pocket. So, it will not be convenient for you sure looking for a budget friendly option.
  • Extra parking space required- The professional cleaners would need to park their vehicles and the steam truck near your home. So, you would need to vacate your parking space for them.
  • Extra care for kids and pets- You would need to keep your main door open for the steam cables. Your kids and pets might escape through that open door and create troubles for you.

Final Insight

Both the dry cleaning and steam cleaning methods have their own benefits and risks. Steam cleaning method gives the deepest cleaning and removes even the most stubborn stains. But carpets can take longer for drying and this method is a bit expensive too. However, dry cleaning method uses specific cleaning agents and cleans the upper surfaces with perfection. Furthermore, the carpets take very less time for drying after dry cleaning methods.

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