Easily Import PST to Office 365 with simple Migration

PST defines the file format of Outlook that stores Outlook users’ data on the local drive. Also, several MNCs and businesspersons use PST files to keep the backup. After the release of Office 365, users are preferring Office 365 over PST files, and various instances initiate this.

Why Import PST to Office 365?

  1. Security concerns: Outlook and Office 365 are Microsoft’s products, but only a few of you may know that PST uses the CRC32 algorithm to protect PST files with passwords. In my opinion, CRC32 is one of the weakest algorithms that can be easily breached using third-party software.
  2. Anywhere Data accessibility: This one may be the primary reason to import Outlook PST to Microsoft 365. We all are aware Office 365 stores data on the cloud, accessible from anywhere and anytime. Hence, you do not need to worry about your PST files’ data accessibility.
  3. Auto-update facility: Office 365 comes with an auto-update feature which means you’ll get access to all the latest features as soon as they get released. Also, you do not need to spend a single penny on Office 365 upgrade.

Besides these mentioned features, Office 365 has several other advanced and modern-era features. But the question is how to import PST to Office 365 to get access to these features.

Ways to get Office 365’s advanced features

A few native options and automated tools are available on the web that can upload PSTs into Office 365. If you are a single user and have only 1-2 PST files to upload, you can go with the native option; otherwise, it’s better to use an automated tool.

Import PST to Office 365 using Outlook’s Import/Export utility

You may be familiar with Outlook’s Import/export feature and might also have used it to upload PST files into Outlook. Here we’ll approach the same steps, but instead of an Outlook account, we’ll create Office 365 account’s profile in Outlook and import PST files to Office 365.

I’ve completed this process in two phases. In the first one, we’ll create a profile of the Office 365 account, and then in the second phase, import PST to Office 365’s Outlook profile. So let’s start:

PHASE1: Create Outlook profile of Office 365 account

  • Launch Outlook and click on the New button on the choose profile option.
  • Enter the profile name and in the next dialog, pick Manual Setup and additional server types option.
  • Now select the POP or IMAP radio button and provide the asked credentials in the following wizard.
  • Then, click on the More Settings option and go to the Advanced tab. Here change the port name as per preference and click on the Next button.

After following the above steps, you will successfully create an Outlook profile for your Office 365 account. Now import PST into it.

PHASE2: Import PST to Office 365 profile

  • Open Outlook and select Office 365 account’s profile.
  • Now go to the File tab and select Open&Export from the left pane.
  • Next, click on the Import/Export and choose the Import from Another Program or File option.
  • In the following wizard, pick Outlook Data File (.pst) option.
  • Now browse the PST file you want to import and choose an appropriate duplicate option.
  • Next, select the folder where you want to store the selected PST file and click Finish.

That’s it. By completing the above process, you will successfully import PST files to Office 365, but as I mentioned above, only use it if you have 1-2 PST files to import.

The problem with this method is, users have to create an Outlook profile of every Office 365 account in which they want to import PST files; making it a repeated process. Also, manually you have to import all the data from PST files as you didn’t get any filter option; this can cost you a few dollars on Office 35 storage cost.

What to do?

A manual solution is not a recommended way to import multiple PST files into Office 365, and that’s why many professionals provide an automated solution for this task.

After searching on the web and using the demo version of several third-party tools, I found Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool.

Many Office 365 administrators and Microsoft MVPs also suggest and use this tool for the effortless import of PST files into Office 365 mailboxes. It eliminates 90% of manual efforts and automates the import process effectively.

Import PST to Office 365 mailboxes using an automated tool

  1. Install and Open the software.
  2. Click on Add PST file option.
  3. Add PST files to import and click Ok.
  4. Hit Office 365 option on the ribbon bar.
  5. Check/uncheck folders/subfolders.
  6. Provide Office 365 cred and map PSTs with O365 mailboxes.
  7. Next, use the filter and other advanced options and click Next.

Now, all your added PST files with be imported into Office 365 mailboxes as per your configuration. See how simple it is to import PST to Office 365 using Shoviv’s tool.

Reasons behind tool’s recommendation

  1. You can add and import multiple PST files in a single go.
  2. Provides a filter option to get rid of unwanted emails and reduce Office 365 mailbox size.
  3. The software allows resuming interrupted process and save users time and effort.
  4. It offers a folder mapping option to import data across Microsoft 365 and PST folders.
  5. You can preview added PST files data and select specific items to import.

The Bottom Line

Office 365 is a one-stop solution for business persons to collaborate and communicate with clients and colleagues. After reading this article, you’ll be able to import PST to Office 365, but it depends on you which way you prefer.

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