Elderly Care Post-Covid Era


Covid-19 was a pandemic that changed the lives of people drastically. To curb its spread, the World Health Organisation announced a complete lockdown. The citizens felt stuck in their homes for two straight years. Unfortunately, it took a toll on people’s physical and mental health. As it was a pandemic, staying at home was the only choice, resulting in less physical movement.

On the other hand, staying at home created boredom; people were sleep-deprived; the news was full of negativity. It was hard for people to manage their emotions with all the negativity around them. It was even harder for elderly people, as they were already dealing with many health issues, so their lives were more at risk. Covid-19 was a fatal disease adversely affecting people with weak immunity or serious health issues, thus majorly affecting old people.


Thankfully, we are now in the post-covid era. After two long years, we are coming back to a new normal. It’s new because we have learnt so much from our pandemic years. These years have given us time and space to introspect and do something which excites us, as life is short and uncertain. Post-covid, people have started going to their offices; students are returning to their schools; social places are full of people; normal hospital visits. However, for elderly people, it is not completely normal as they are the most delicate lot of our society. They take precautions while travelling, attending social events, or using public transport.

Elderly care post-covid era

  1. Wear masks.

Even though wearing a mask is not necessary, elderly people should wear their masks while travelling, during hospital visits, or if somebody comes to meet them. Masks cover the nose and the mouth, two main organs through which the virus can enter the body and affect the lungs. Thus, masks should be one of the compulsory parts of the attire before moving out.

  1. Avoid hospital visits

Frequent hospital visits mean more chances of infection or virus entering the body. On the other hand, avoiding hospital visits means keeping a nursing attendant at home in case of adverse health conditions. The nursing attendant can provide 24*7 care service as well as he/she can behave as a compassionate companion. Besides this, keeping a nursing attendant at home is much more beneficial than regular hospital visits or nursing home visits. Treatment at home means a completely hygienic environment and comfort of home with a reasonable package. Many companies are working towards providing holistic care to elderly people. You can connect with them and take the required services.

  1. Watch movies/serials at home.

Some old people are young at heart. They love to watch movies in cinema theatres. But, post-covid, they are not advisable to visit crowded places. Alternatively, they can watch movies/series in their laptops or phones or smart televisions to avoid touching or visiting any infected area.

  1. Interact with /family/neighbours keeping social distance

Nobody can live in isolation, especially the older people who don’t have much work to do, so they feel lonely if they don’t have people to interact with or share their good or bad days with. They can talk with their family, friends, or neighbours via audio or video calls. However, the physical presence and talking face to face is another beautiful feeling. They should talk and meet with their friends/family members/neighbours in their vicinity but maintaining social distance is essential.

  1. Write a journal

No matter how many precautions, guidelines, and care services are in store for the   elderly people post-covid. The most important thing is looking after complex emotions. Some things can’t be shared or posted, so to keep their mind in check, old adults should write everything they feel. Jotting down thoughts is a great way of relaxing the mind; when the mind is at peace, one can take good care of the physical self.


Elderly people are valuable assets of a country. They serve the country throughout their lives, so in their ageing phase, the country and its people should assist them in making their lives comfortable and happy. They are the most generous people who need their dear ones’ attention, care and love. We all have learnt the importance of family time during pandemic years. Due to no work, we have also seen that elderly people are more prone to feel lonely, as everybody is working or busy in their lives. Taking out time to spend with old people will never go to waste. They have an enormous amount of knowledge and love to share. Post-Covid, aged people are still not taking their step out with full confidence. Somehow, it’s good, too, as they are protecting themselves from serious infections. To make their lives more convenient, one should employ a trained nursing attendant to have someone who can constantly keep their health condition in check. Family members should find an elderly care service provider and the best caretaker for their precious old members.

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