Elegant And Graceful: Lipstick Packaging UK

Whether you search for ‘lipstick packaging UK’ or ‘custom lipstick boxes’, you want housing for lipsticks. However, do you know that they can be more than just secure housing?

Lipsticks are one of the most popular cosmetic items in the world. These sticks are housed in plastic casings. They look incredible. However, they need packaging boxes that can help safeguard them against various transit pressures. 

Lipstick boxes carry the lipsticks securely. However, they can be customised to look appealing too. Various design elements can help you create beautiful custom lipstick packaging 

This blog will take you through the various add-ons and finishing coats that can help you add a tasteful flavour to your custom lipstick boxes. 

Let’s begin.

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Add-Ons For Lipstick Boxes

Wholesale lipstick boxes can be decorated with add-ons that can help it stand apart from the rest of the competition. Add-ons are a remarkable option for creating various designs for limited edition packaging too. 

They can help you produce custom lipstick packaging easily and quickly. However, you need to know which add-ons will be most apt for your product.

The following is a list of different add-ons options that are popular in the custom packaging industry.

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping
  • Window Patching

Let’s see how these add-ons can benefit your custom lipstick boxes to the next level. 


This add-on is most useful when you want to add an element of depth and dimension. It is most effective when used on matte finished boxes. However, it may not look good on paper-based custom boxes that are transparent in nature or have high gloss images printed on them.

This add-on is applied using die-cut templates. It is available in various types like raised, sunken, and wrap-around embossing. However, the most common among them is the ‘raised’ option. 


This add-on creates a unique tactile impression with embossed designs. It is mostly used on rectangular or square-shaped boxes. This option of debossing creates a sunken design for your custom lipstick box.

Compared to embossing, debossing is a more subtle add-on that can be used for custom packaging boxes. 

Spot UV 

This add-on is usually applied to the packaging surface to give it a raised, smooth and shiny appearance. However, you must know that this is an expensive option that needs special UV-cured inks for printing.

Apart from the visual aesthetics, this option is used for product identification, brand promotion, and protecting the printed area. 

Hot Stamping

This add-on adds a glossy, metallic finish to your custom lipstick boxes. It is mostly used to perfect special logos or artwork engraved on top of the box.

Hot stamping also adds value to your product as it can be used to make personal messages on both metal and plastic boxes. It is an excellent option for making custom lipstick gift packaging too. 

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Window Patching

This add-on works by creating a window in the packaging. First, a die-cut is used to remove a section of the packaging. Then, the missing portion can be replaced by transparent window film.

This option is best suited for creating custom printed boxes that are used to showcase your products. You can use packaging standees or plastic inserts created using 3D printing technology. 

Window patching allows customers to see the product at first sight. That helps build brand loyalty among cosmetic customers. 

Now that you know a little about add-ons for lipstick packaging let’s move towards finishing coats for offering the ultimate completed look.

Finishing Coats For Lipstick Packaging

Finishing coats are wonderful customisations that help you take the box to the next level. They offer various feels and visual changes to the wholesale lipstick boxes. 

Furthermore, using finishing coats increases the physical properties of the packaging. The thin barrier acts as a protective layer to guard the boxes against environmental heat and moisture. 

The following are some examples of popular finishing coats:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Varnish
  • Soft-Touch

Let’s study some details about these options


This option is ideal when you want to make custom lipstick boxes that have a subtle look. It helps reduce glare, fingerprints, and static build-up. 

The matte finishing coat is most suitable for matte boxes, like the two complements each other really well. However, it may not look good on custom lipstick packaging with high gloss images printed on them. 

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This is the best option to go for when you want your lipstick packaging boxes to have a shiny appearance. It is effective against fingerprints, dust, and watermarks. 

It would be best if you were careful while choosing the right gloss levels for your custom printed boxes. High-gloss lipstick packaging can sometimes make the design look hazy or blurred. Moreover, it may not fit well with matte finished printers too.


This is the best option to go for when you want your lipstick packaging boxes to have a shiny appearance with high durability. It is extremely effective against environmental wear and tear. 

However, it may give the box an over-the-top commercial look that can be unsuitable for most merchants. Therefore, this finishing coat is mostly used by manufacturers and businesses advertising their products.


This is an excellent finishing coat for those who want to give their lipstick boxes a velvety feel. It contains special microspheres that offer a soft-touch feel without giving it a glossy or matte look. 

It provides a smoothness and satin appearance to your custom printed lipstick boxes. Furthermore, it is scratch-resistant and durable too.

However, this option cannot be used to add a special gold or silver touch to the packaging.

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In Conclusion

This blog has covered all you need to know about lipstick packaging finishings and add-ons. It can help you make the right choices when buying wholesale custom printed lipstick boxes.

Add-ons like window patching, finishing coats, and other special finishes can be an excellent way to make your packaging boxes attractive.

When designing custom packaging, it is imperative that the packaging complement the products. One of the best ways of doing that is by using customisations like add-ons and finishing coats.

So, when you are searching for ‘lipstick packaging UK‘, ensure to think about these options.

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