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Pandemic induced blues are real and it has spiralled down to acute hopelessness and excruciating pain among mankind. Gloomy dark clouds have entirely blocked the intense and the powerful energy-rich rays of sunshine. But believe me when I say this, it will all get better. You and your business would be able to flourish again despite the Covid-19 lows. I want you to rise above from your own ashes like a Phoenix and strike back.

Gojek Clone App is the immunity booster that your on-demand service venture desperately needs to at least have a fighting chance against Covid-19. Give your multi-service on-demand business that lease of life by investing in App like Gojek.

Business is at an all-time low? How to increase sales?

If these are the set of questions that are eating you up from within and giving you insomnia then I have one simple solution to it. Earn their trust back to speed up the sales. Your customers are just as scared of Covid-19 as you are. Your customers are just as protective of themselves and their families as you are. Then you have already found the solution.

What measures can you introduce that will safeguard the health interests of your own family?

You just have to then implement those exact same measures for your customers’ safety as well. The World Health Organisation had declared this Covid-19 to be an air-borne disease last year itself. Since then face coverings and regular sanitizing of hands have become a part of the daily routine. Because this novel-coronavirus is highly contagious and mutates at a fast pace, the transmission cycle has to be broken. This is where social-distancing norms came in handy.

Covid-19 can no longer dictate the terms of your life! Take the control back with Gojek Clone’s new safety features.

Mandatory Face Masks for all! Even Pepper has to wear one!

Pepper is a three-month old German shepherd male dog that loves to take a stroll in the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City with his momma Cheryl. Cheryl is a 25-year old Vietnamese Immigrant student who has gotten into the School of American Ballet with full scholarship and is also seen wearing an N-95 Mask. But the ever-energetic Pepper seems unusually dull today. And what concerned Cheryl the most is the dark bloody stool of Pepper.

Pepper seems in grave distress! But why?

  • She books an appointment with a Vet using this All in One Services App.

Cheryl has called in her favourite Veterinarian – Dr. Jennifer Brashear to her apartment in Manhattan. Doctor will take at least 30 minutes to reach the destination for the check-up. And she’ll be charging extra for the PPE kit that she’d be wearing while visiting her home.

Meanwhile, Cheryl immediately books a Taxi back home to West Village in Manhattan.

Before requesting for a cab, she had to go through and accept the Corona-Safety Checklist.

This list has four clear instructions for the Rider. Wear a face mask at all times throughout the ride, regularly sanitize the hands, handle one’s personal luggage on their own and most importantly pay via in-app wallet.

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The Taxi Driver can’t even start a ride without the Face Mask Verification

 It is mandatory for Taxi Drivers to upload a selfie with the face masks on before starting the ride. Because unless the App Owner approves the verification, the Taxi Driver won’t be allowed to start the ride.

Cheryl cancels the ride because the Taxi Driver’ face mask seemed loose with his nose popping out

 This feature gives strength to the WHO protocol of wearing face masks whenever stepping outdoors. No penalty charges will be levied on Cheryl for cancelling the Ride because the Taxi Driver Kramer was found violating the Safety Checklist himself.

She now books Ford Expedition hurriedly using the Gojek Clone App

 The Taxi Driver reaches within 10 minutes to pick up Cheryl with her dog. All three of them are wearing masks. Pepper uses a special dog mask specifically designed for him.

By the time they reach their home, Dr. Jennifer Brashear was waiting for them in PPE Suit with the Face Shield on at their doorstep. She pays the Taxi Driver through the in-app wallet.

Doctor blames the weight-loss and the Amnesia to Hookworms. She then tries to calm down Cheryl by informing her that young puppies are often prone to hookworms because they contract it from sand and infected soil.

Cheryl is hungry but is in no mood to cook but is scared to order from her favourite Restaurant Oita Sushi

 You as an entrepreneur should feel obligated to take away her fear and assure her that the food is being prepared in a clean and sanitized kitchen. This is why yet another trust-arousing feature is to ask Restaurants to keep uploading pictures of their hygienic kitchen spaces, cold room storage, working stations, Chefs’ wearing masks and gloves at all times, frequent temperature checks of every member of the Restaurant staff especially the in-house delivery boys.

But because as an entrepreneur took all of these safety measures to earn the lost trust back of the customers, Cheryl has now placed an order for Sushi & Sashimi Trio and Jabchae. She has made an online payment using her card to qualify for contactless deliveries.


You might have lost a minor battle with the Covid-19 in the past but you’ll win the war against this Pandemic with Gojek Clone App acting as your shield. But the very first step is to find an authentic app developer who has decades-worth experience in white-labelling Gojek clone app. Every responsible company actively donates and participates enthusiastically in Corporate Social Responsibilities. On Demand App Development Company  is already a member of an Elite Socially-Responsible Company Club. Come join this Club too.

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