How to Resolve Error 25004 in the Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office Setup 2013 is one of the versions of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The Microsoft Office 2013 edition comes equipped with various new and advanced features such as a remodeled Start screen, improved interface, support for all platforms (such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android), and much more. To enjoy these features, users need to download, install and activate Microsoft Office Setup 2013 on the device. Sometimes users may encounter Microsoft Office Error 25004 or issues while installing Microsoft Office 2013 Productivity Suite on the device and one such installation error is Microsoft Bootstrapper Error Office 2013.

Microsoft Office Error 25004 occurs when users are trying to install Microsoft Office 2013 on a device.  Other versions of Microsoft Office Setup have been previously installed. It is recommended that users uninstall and remove the existing version of Microsoft Office Setup.

The entire process of accessing Microsoft Office involves purchasing, downloading, installing, and then activating. While using it, there are chances that you may get several errors during any of these processes. One of the most common errors faced by users is error code 25004.

Microsoft Office Error 25004 occurs users are using a product key for activation. As soon as the error occurs on the device, a message pop-up appears on the device which displays the message as shown below:

Microsoft Office Error 25004 during Setup

Error 25004: The product key you entered cannot be used on the computer or PC. This is most likely due to previous Microsoft Office 2013 trials installed.

Get the Solution for Microsoft Office Error 25004

By following the step by step procedures described below, users can easily resolve Microsoft Office error 25004:

Method 1: Uninstall the Existing Version of Microsoft Office:

  • First, launch the “Start” menu by clicking the “Start” button on the taskbar or pressing the “Windows” key (the four square keys) on the keyboard.
  • From the Start menu, click on the “Control Panel” option.
  • The “Control Panel” window is displayed on the screen.
  • Now, click on the “Programs” option. Users can use the search bar in the Control Panel window to find the “Programs” option.
  • And then, select “Options”.
  • A window will appear that shows a list of all programs or software installed on the device.
  • From this list, find the “Microsoft Microsoft Office” option.
  • Now, select “Microsoft Microsoft Office” and click on the “Uninstall” option.
  • After that restart the device.

The previous version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite remove. Microsoft Office users can try to install Microsoft Office version 2013 on the device.

Method 2: Rename the token. DAT file:

Sometimes the system’s token.dat file interferes with the process of activating Microsoft Office Setup 2013. And as a result, Microsoft Office Error 25004 occurs on the device. Thus, follow the steps below to rename these token.dat files:

  1. Access the system’s local disk (C 🙂 drive in the “My Computer” icon.
  2. Now, follow the path in the local disk (C 🙂 drives as shown below:

Windows >> System32 >> App >> Store >> 2.0

  1. In the 2.0 folder, look for the tokens.dat file.
  2. Now, right-click on the “tokens.dat” files and select them.
  3. And then, select the “Rename” option.
  4. Next, rename the file and click the “OK” button.
  5. Now, try to activate Microsoft Office 2013 setup on the device.

If Microsoft Office Setup 2013 installation Error 25004 still appears on the device, users can call the Microsoft Office Customer Helpdesk at the toll-free number to get immediate assistance to resolve the error. The Microsoft Office technical team is available round the clock to provide users with their solution services. If none of the above solutions work in your favor, then contact the technical team to have this error fixed by a certified technician. The team works 24*7 so that you can contact them anytime.

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