Everything You Need To Know About Huggie Earrings

Now, all celebrities are wearing uniquely created pieces of jewelry and earrings are no exception. There is a huge range of earrings collections available in the market. All women must have a good collection of huggie earrings in the jewelry box. But most women find it very confusing to choose the right one that suits their style. Huggies are quite a popular form of earrings that can be worn on casual as well as formal occasions. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a good collection of different types and styles of Huggies earrings. In this article, you will get detailed insight into the huggie earrings:

Huggie Earrings

The huggie earrings are commonly known as huggie and they are designed like a small hoop. The small hoop which hugs your earlobe is known as a huggie. The huggie earring sits quite close to the ears. The huggie earrings are thicker as compared to the standard hoops. The lever in the back lets the curved earring stay in place.

The huggie is available in various designs and styles. Also, they are made up of different materials to fulfill the needs and expectations of the people such as gold huggie earrings, silver huggie earrings, etc. The intricate design of this type of earring looks perfect with different styles and occasions. You should add huggie earrings to your collection because there are various benefits of these types of earrings:

End Of Incessant Earring Backing Problems

Women with long hair usually face this problem when their hair trap or wrapped in earrings. When you have invested in the huggie earrings, then you will not face this problem. The huggie hoop earrings do not have posts and backings. Ultimately, it will prevent you from hair-pulling by your earrings.

No Earring Backings

The huggie earrings don’t have backings and it is the brilliant idea introduced by the jewelers. The huggie earrings have a hinge at the bottom which holds them in place. This hinge is locked with the hoop. It will ensure that the earring is locked and secured.

Seamless Design

There is one more interesting feature in the huggie earrings which makes them outstanding and different from others. The seamless earring boasts a simple and seamless design as compared to the hoop earrings in the market. The earrings have a beautiful and clean appearance and it is really difficult to see the section which is going inside the ear lobes. 

Huggies Are Fancier

If you want to have simple earrings that look fancy, then you must choose Huggies. This set of earrings is not comfortable but looks attractive as well. Moreover, you do not have to deal with messy backings.


The large-size hoops, studs, and dangling look amazing, but they are not comfortable. Huggies let you stay comfortable for long without any problem. Moreover, the incessant will not poke you and let you enjoy the moment. Staying comfortable is the most important thing to look fashionable.

Sleeping Comfort

When it comes to comfort, then Huggies earrings are the best choice. You can even wear these earrings while you are sleeping. It means that you can wear these earrings the whole day long. Most earrings cannot be worn during the time of sleep. But, huggie earrings let you be comfortable during the time of sleeping. If you are wearing huggie earrings during sleep time, then you do not need to worry about poking posts or losing your earrings. You can purchase silver huggie earrings and wear them all the time.

How Huggie Earrings Work?

The Huggies earrings are notched and that will direct you on how to wear these earrings.  The earrings are like small hoop earrings that have a hinge at the bottom. If the post is locked, then the circle will be closed, and ensure that your earring will stay at the place. When it comes to huggie earrings, then you do not need the type of backing because this earring will hold itself. While wearing the huggie earring you just need to thread in the arched post through the ear. After that, you should push it back until it clicks.

Stylish Earrings

The popularity of the huggie earrings is growing due to the comfort, versatility, ease of wearing, amazing designs, and stylish look. Every woman should own stylish huggie earrings because they look stylish. Huggie earrings are those earrings that can be worn for a long.

Final Words

The huggie earrings are not just beautiful, but they look graceful as well. Therefore, you must purchase these earrings and add them to your collection.

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