Facing Battery Problems? Say Goodbye to the Issues with Professional Assistance!

The laptop battery is expensive as the laptop makers are the only ones making a specific battery for their laptops. Moreover, it is followed as this helps makers to have full authority over the market whenever they want to buy a new battery. Many times it is done to make the buyer purchase a new laptop rather than changing the battery. Besides, in some situations, there is a slight difference in the price that the maker has to make a profit. If you are looking for an instant Laptop Service Center in Afzal Gunj then we are the leading repair center working to offer you cutting-edge solutions under one roof. 

A few laptop batteries like Ni-Cad can experience the issue majorly known as the memory effect. In addition, this happens when you continue to charge the battery without allowing it to discharge completely. A time later, the battery will start forgetting that there is unutilized power and it will discharge earlier. The ideal way to solve such a battery problem is to let the battery discharge completely once a month. Furthermore, this lets the battery reach back to its authentic form and can be utilized for a longer duration.

At the time when your laptop is not in utilization for a long term then it is ideal to take out the battery. Moreover, the battery will begin to discharge when not in usage. If the discharge takes place within the laptop then you won’t be able to find out that your laptop is recognizing the battery for the next recharge. It is not easy to settle rigid battery problems and the suggestion is to choose professional Laptop Repair Services for experiencing the best results.

One can face battery issues if you let the battery discharge completely outside the laptop. Besides, the suggestion is to check the battery when it is stored so that this won’t allow discharging completely. This assists to secure the laptop from acknowledging the battery when the requirement is to equip it back into the device.

What to do when facing laptop battery problems?

If you are running out of time and want to fix the issues instantly then follow the simple tricks mentioned below. Just remember these tricks won’t offer long-lasting solutions and the suggestion is to take professional assistance for the best outcomes.

In case the laptop battery turns very hot to touch one must take out the battery and let it cool down. Moreover, if the issue continues when changing the battery then it is right to say that battery is defective. 

The suggestion is to eliminate the battery and change it as the damaged battery can cause more damage to the device.

Temperatures harm laptop batteries. If you are facing harsh temperature problems then the need is to keep the battery cool for the long term. The heat can make the battery discharge quickly and can result in heavy battery damage. It is not easy to fix complicated laptop problems and choosing professional laptop repair services won’t result in time or money wastage.

Temperatures affect laptop batteries. If you are experiencing extremely hot temperatures you will need to manage the battery temperature. Extreme heat can cause the battery to discharge prematurely and can eventually lead to battery damage.

Solution 1: Troubleshooting hardware problems

 Whenever you find that battery is not able to charge then you must begin troubleshooting the problems in the first phase. 

Follow the tricks mentioned below for fixing the hardware errors:

1) Lookout for the damaged cable.

2) Utilize the batter and then try to replace it.

In case the battery is charging, this problem may happen because the battery charge is about to start. Continue to read for further information.

If the battery is not charging then the fault is due to poor battery or the AC adapter improper working.

3) Try to utilize the new AC adapter for charging the battery. Check whether the issue has gone or not. Furthermore, if the battery begins to charge then it is clear the problem was with the malfunctioning adapter.

 4) If you can, try using the present AC adapter for charging a new battery. In case, the battery is charging then it means that the battery is defective. Besides, there is no change in battery percentage then the issue is with the adapter.

Switching off the Battery Charge

A few laptops have the battery charging hold characteristic. This characteristic let the laptop owners modify the battery charge hold. Also, when the battery reaches the highest level, it won’t charge anymore. This offers great benefits in case you do not use the laptop regularly and keeps the battery in great condition.

 If any of the above techniques do not eliminate the battery issues then do not waste time and visit our Laptop Service Center in Afzal Gunj for topmost expert assistance. Get the laptop problems solved under professional supervision.

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