Fast Foods Obesity Consumption and Preventions

Eating delicious is fun, but before reading your favorite food trivia questions or searching a nearest fast food restaurant, do you know what could the severe effects on your health? How fast foods lead to Obesity?

In this foodie article, we will discuss the relationship between fast food and Obesity, and what are the possible causes of Obesity?

Do you know that more than 75% of the US population is expected to be overweight and obese by a couple of few years? The statistic of  Centers for Disease and Disease Control and Prevention  is quite alarming that 17% of under 19 youth and 36% adult in the US are obese.

Almost 85 million people in the US eat fast food daily, Obesity nearly has taken over all the population, and it’s leading to severe health complications, i.e., heart diseases, premature deaths, diabetes, arthritis, joint disorder, fatty liver, etc.

You must know that one of the leading causes of Obesity is fast food.

Let’s explore in-depth and look at the cause and relationship between Obesity and fast food.

Obesity and Calories consumption

Increase in calories intake and inadequate exercise and physical activity are the leading causes of Obesity. The percentage of in taking calories in the US is increasing every year, which very alarming year.

How does fast food cause Obesity?

Four main reasons show the linked relationship between fast food and Obesity.

  • Unhealthy, Unhygienic food

We all know, most of the junk food contains an enormous amount of fats, sugar, carbs, and it contains less vitamins and mineral, etc. It means we are taking a large amount of unhygienic intake of calories by eating this fast food which most obviously increases the chance of weight gain and Obesity.

Fast-food contains the exceeding level of fats and sugar, which are linked with Obesity and increasing weight.

Larger portions of fast food

The most alarming factor of fast food, the ingredients of junk food increase with the size of food. The more the size of the food, the more unhealthy ingredients, fats, and sugar will intake in the body. This means that if we eat the more significant portion of fast food, the chances of being over-weighted will increase.

We often heard that access to fast food items may cause overweight and harmful for health. So average fast food in your food routine may be a sensible decision.

Low cost and available at ease

One of the most leading reasons why people cannot stop eating fast food is available at a low price with ease. According to a health survey conducted by the University of Washington that a diet that contains 2000 calories of junk food costs less than food that contains 2000 calories of healthy food.

Fast food convenience

Fast food restaurant always offers a great offer to get more customer. Also, it is effortless to get fast food at home from these restaurants. It makes a convenient option for many busiest people than preparing food at home, and this is the reason that people gain weight.

As the consumption of junk food has increased dramatically over the past few decades which is very alarming, if it’s not controlled, severe health issues going to rise in a couple of years, and many people will be obese.

According to a survey in the USA, people between 20-39 consume more fast foods than others. 83% of American families consume fast food once a week. Between 8 – 10% of annual incomes spend on fast food in the USA. Those who earn more are supposed to consume more fast foods. The average growth of fast food grew by 2.2% each year.

So what you have decided after reading this article? Please write your thoughts in comment section.

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