Find the Right Color for Your Product With Variation Swatches Plugin

Woocommerce variation swatches

Finding the right color for your product can be a daunting task. With so many choices it can seem impossible to select the best option. Luckily, some tools will help you out. Woocommerce variation swatches Plugin is one such tool that will help you find the right color. The application allows you to upload an image of your product and then choose up to three different colors that you would like to look at.

What are Variation Swatches?

The WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin is a WordPress plugin that helps store owners sell goods with multiple variations of the same product and fulfill orders faster and more efficiently. The plugin comes with a price slider and popover which allow customers to select the variation they want for their order, as well as a built-in customizer for adjusting colors and other options.

Variation swatches allow you to create and edit multiple variations on a product that displays simultaneously. With the WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin, you can easily set up variable products with unlimited variations, including size, color, and other attributes such as weight or quantity. You can also create variants of different products and show or hide them as necessary without affecting any other products in your store.

Variations are an integral part of WooCommerce. They let you change the physical attributes of a product, whether it be its color, size, or material to suit your needs. But there are times when you would like to offer more than one variation for a product. This is where Variation Swatches shines! The plugin lets you create one or more variation swatches for any WooCommerce product to give your customers the choice of selecting their preferred variation.

How to use Variation Swatches

Small businesses are often overwhelmed by the need to keep up with their online store. One of the most demanding aspects of an online store that can seem daunting is creating apparel swatches. Thankfully, WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin is designed to make this process relatively easy. It helps you create a product with multiple versions, each with its unique features and customizations. 

To make your WooCommerce shop more unique and different than the rest, you might want to implement variation swatches. This plugin will allow you to edit your product’s variations, called swatches, by adding custom fields like color or size. Product variations are typically used for clothing products. For example, if you were selling shirts, you might create a shirt with one type of fabric, but then create another variation that is made of cotton.

Woocommerce swatches Plugin is a plugin that solves the challenges of selling variations on WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can create various combinations of products using swatches and easily offer these combinations to your customers.

Benefits of using Variation Swatches

When it comes to creating products, one of the most difficult aspects is color. Product variations can be challenging because each variation will have an accompanying price. However, using the WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin can save you time and money. This plugin will allow you to create a product with unlimited colors, which means no more worrying about creating separate product pages for each variation. 

The WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin adds the ability to have multiple product variation options for a single product. This is especially useful when selling products that come in different sizes or with different features, such as t-shirts. The plugin allows you to save time by not having to create individual pages for each variation option.

With WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin, you can create variations on products with similar attributes for different customer needs. You can also create new variations on children’s clothing sizes for specific age ranges. Before installing this plugin, you will need to have the WooCommerce Product Attributes plugin installed. The Variations Swatches plugin is also compatible with Gutenberg, WordPress’ next-generation editor which is currently in development.



There are a variety of different colors to choose from for your product. The more variations you add, the more accurate the color representation on your website will be. The Variation Swatches plugin makes it effortless to showcase a variety of colors on your website. Choose from 300+ pre-made colors or make your custom swatches for an even more accurate representation of what the product will truly look like.

With the Variation Swatches plugin, designers can customize what customers see on their website, making it easier for them to choose the right product.


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