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Five latest Trends to Rank In Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is a must for online websites to improve their rankings on the search engine page and boost the click-through rate. Through Best SEO Services, you can attract potential customers online effectively.

However, it is necessary to conduct this activity correctly to get maximum benefits. SEO is a dynamic concept, and the ranking trends change with every update by the search engine and shifting trends of consumer needs. If you go into hibernation for a year and then come back to SEO, you might not recognize anything.

Therefore, websites need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and include these practices to increase their online presence.

We have listed below five of the hottest and relevant SEO trends that websites need to practice to stay on top of the business:


1. Passage indexing- BERT algorithm:

Google has recently announced its new algorithm called BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) and ‘passage indexing’ that impacts content ranking on the search engine.

BERT algorithm uses machine learning to process the natural language and understand the intent behind the search queries to present the best results. It enables Google to comprehend things like a human brain. That means  if the intention of the search query does not match the content of your website, it will negatively impact your rankings. It does not charge any penalty to the websites, but search results become more meaningful and relevant to the users.

BERT optimization requires companies to match the search intent with their content and keywords. For example, searching ‘ice cream’ may reflect your intent for its meaning, history, ice-cream flavors, availability near you, etc. However, typing ice-cream shops specify that you are looking for availability near you. Therefore, it will help if you search keywords and analyze the results to prepare your content accordingly.

Passage indexing is another latest Google algorithm that studies long-form contents using the natural language processing feature. It interprets the meaning of every passage on the page. It means that if the search keywords match a relevant portion of your content, it will highlight that passage in the search results for the users to examine. No matter how vast and deep your page is, it will evaluate the entire topic. It is like finding a needle in a haystack.


2. Influencer marketing and SEO:

It is high time you realize the significance of creating links with parties that can generate a lot of business for you. Influencers are those who have thousands or millions of people following them on different sites. If you know your target audience, you will also be aware of the influencer for them. If you gather their support, you can also target at least half of the population following them.

Influencers provide high-quality backlinks that increase your chances of ranking well on the search engines. The content created by these influencers is highly creative and unique, ultimately raising the brand’s visibility among the target audience in a better light. Also, the referral and social media traffic increase on your website, and if the content is worthy, it may go viral.


3. Branding:

Having Digital Marketing Agency is not just necessary to raise your brand awareness among consumers and build a unique identity. It also has a hidden impact on the SEO aspect for the company. When a brand develops its reputation in the industry, people are likely to search about it to learn more about its operations. Google prefers authenticity and popularity for ranking. It wants the users to see trusted and authoritative brands in the search results.

Improving your Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT) will contribute as a significant factor in boosting your rank. You can do this by publishing your business on trusted media publications, including well-described author profiles, addresses, awards, etc., and generating EAT-related SEO growth.


4. Managing core web vitals:

Google constantly updates the vital metrics that impact your SEO ranking directly. The core web vitals focus on improving the user experience on the page. It means that a user must not exit a page because of loading issues, interactivity, etc., or anything leading to a poor experience.

It is a factor that may land you on the first page of search rankings, apart from relevant content. Currently, the feature restricts itself to mobile search. It means that a website must load fast, begin an interaction, and display the audio-video visuals as soon as possible. Also, the visuals must remain stable and clear. However, core web vitals is not a primary factor affecting search engine ranking but a facilitator.


5. Include voice search in SEO practices:

Artificial intelligence is drawing its steps in every walk of life. From search engines to conducting routine activities, it has taken over numerous exercises. Chatbots and voice search constitutes a significant portion of SEO trends. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google assistant have boosted communication and positively impacted the user experience. The existence of virtual assistant technology and the increased use of mobiles has raised the number of voice searches.

Therefore, websites must optimize their content to make it voice search-friendly using the following methods:

  1. Focus on satisfying the intent of the user’s query with concise answers and natural language in the content
  2. Use long-tail keywords and write long-form content as it is preferable in voice searches. Also, voice search queries are usually longer than typed ones.
  3. Structure your data and include complete contact information, including your address to rank on ‘near me’ searches and improve your local SEO



The strategies mentioned above are currently trending on top due to the latest Google updates and announcements. Every website owner needs to optimize their content based on recent and previous trends that focus on satisfying the users’ intent. Google wishes to make its search results more relevant and insightful for the users. That is why it keeps bringing the latest advancements, features like snippets, core web vitals, and other essentials for the websites to consider. If you want to rank well, frame your strategies with the recent updates and customers’ intent in mind.

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