Follow these Easy Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 15240

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software which is used to manage your company’s financial matters and your business details as well. Besides this, it provides several services, including payroll, producing business-related crucial data, filing your online taxes, etc.

Most of the users face varieties of difficulties and updating payroll data is one of them, which is called QuickBooks Error 15240. Keep scrolling through this article, if you are dealing with the common QuickBooks Desktop Error 15240. We will discuss effective methods in this blog so, that you could resolve this error without any hassle.

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Overview of QuickBooks Error 15240?

When users want to update the QuickBooks Desktop or download the QuickBooks Desktop application, they can see an error message appearing on their screens that says QuickBooks Error 15240. There are many reasons showing this error on your desktop such as, inappropriate setting of Internet Explorer security and having incorrect time and date on the computer. Please check these triggered points before fixing this QuickBooks Desktop Error 15240 in the application.

Factors that Lead to QuickBooks Error 15240

While using the QuickBooks application, ensure that you have good internet connectivity; otherwise, it may show you various error categories. Here is the list of reasons that makes you suffer from QuickBooks Error Massage 15240.

  1. Using an Outdated QuickBooks desktop application can cause this error.
  2. Invalid registry on your Windows can be another factor from QuickBooks Error 15240.
  3. Having the wrong time and date in your system can be responsible for the QuickBooks Desktop Error 15240
  4. Slow internet connectivity creates this error in the application
  5. accidentally removing the program or other application from QuickBooks can cause this error
  6. Other firewall applications can create a barrier to downloading process of the updated file.
  7. if you are using multi-user mode in QuickBooks, then it will be harmful to installing QuickBooks updates.

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Symptoms of Encountering QuickBooks Error 15240

If you notice these signs while using the QuickBooks application from the list below, then it has a high chance you are facing QuickBooks Error Massage 15240.

  1. While facing the error, you cannot install and download the recent version of QuickBooks updates.
  2. Continuously interrupting during updating payroll.
  3. Sometimes, your system’s mouse and keyboard don’t get a response effectively while facing this error
  4. Your computer becomes slow when QuickBooks Desktop Error 15240 strikes in the application
  5. You can always show an error notification on your computer.

Easy Solution to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 15240 from the Application

This section will discuss several methods to fix this error on your desktop permanently.

Method 1: Give the Permission for the QuickBooks Installation Folder

Make sure to check that QuickBooks installation has enough permission; otherwise, you can face this error anytime.

  1. Close the QuickBooks Desktop Application and launch Window File Manager
  2. Open to C:\Program Files\ folder and right-click the Intuit folder
  3. Press Properties and click the Advance tab.
  4. Make Sure that the User Group is set as Owner
  5. After that, hit the Advance Security Settings and press Change
  6. In the Enter the Object name select write the User name and press Check Names.
  7. Press OK and mark the Replace owner on sub containers and object option.
  8. Press Apply and click OK after that
  9. Select the Users and choose Full Control in the Permission option
  10. Press Apply and click OK again

Method 2: Modify the Security Settings of Internet Explorer

Change the Internet Explorer security settings can fix the QuickBooks Error Massage 15240

  1. You can find the Tools options in Internet Explorer. Press the Tools option
  2. Go to the Advance option
  3. Mark the Use SSL 3.0 and Use SSL 2.0 in the Security option
  4. Click OK before hitting the Apply option

Method 3: Rectify the Incorrect Date and Time Setting on the Computer

Your system will show an error notification if the date and time are incorrect on the Desktop. In this situation, you have to correct the date and time with the help of the following instructions given below:

  1. On the screen, you can time display; press it and choose the Change date and time setting section
  2. Put the suitable date and time with the change of the settings
  3. To complete the process click Apply and Ok after that.

Method 4: Convert to Selective Startup Mode

When you notice the other firewalls make you suffer from this QuickBooks Desktops Error 15240, then you have to convert your application into selective startup Mode. You can follow the instruction given below to resolve this error.

Step 1: Change to Selective Startup Mode

You can start this procedure by enabling the selective startup mode.

  1. Click Windows + R and go to the Run Window or directly look for the Start menu
  2. After that, go to the selective startup option in the General tab also click Load System Services
  3. Go to the Service tab and choose the Hide all Microsoft Service Box.
  4. Select the Disable option
  5. Unchecked the Hide all Microsoft Services Box
  6. Choose Windows Installer from the service list and click OK
  7. On the system reconfiguration window, click Restart

Step 2: Reinstalling the QuickBooks

Perform all the QB procedures with interruptions regularly during the selected startup. You can update the installer QuickBooks to resolve the error.

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and go to the Help Menu
  2. Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Go to the Updates option if new updates are here
  4. Select Update Now

Step 3: Go Back to the Normal Mode

You can go back to the normal mode once your work is complete in the selective startup mode.

  1. Launch the Run command by clicking Windows + R button
  2. Write msconfig and click Enter
  3. Go to the General tab and change to the Normal Mode
  4. Go to the system configuration window and start your computer again

Methods 5: Use SFC Scan to repair the Error

The complete form of the SFC is System File Checker, and It will assist you in identifying the system files and fixing the common problem.

  1. press the Windows + R and go to the Run option
  2. Write cmd in the run option for opening the command prompt window
  3. Utilize the CMD as an administrator
  4. Write SFC / Scannow in the Command Prompt box
  5. Press Enter. It will check the system file

Solution 6: Repair Registry Error on the Windows

QuickBooks Massage Error 15240 can appear on the screen due to not fixing the Windows registry. Follow the given instructions below:

  1. To launch the Start menu, press the window button
  2. In the Search bar, write CMD and click Enter
  3. Command Prompt result showing on the screen
  4. After that, press the ctrl + shift buttons and double-click the CMD window
  5. Next, you can see a permission dialog box; click OK
  6. You can see the black space. Write regedit on it and Click Enter
  7. Go to the File Menu and click the Export option when the windows open
  8. Click the Save in list and go to a specific location to restore the QB Desktop registry key.
  9. Next, go to the File name box and mark the Select Branch option
  10. Click the save option to restore it
  11. Make sure that your files save the .reg extension
  12. Next, you have your own backup files of QB-related information

Solution 7: Make a Recent Windows Admin User

  1. Go to the Start menu. You can press the Windows icon from the keyboard
  2. Opt for the System settings
  3. Choose the Account option
  4. Select Users and go to the Add someone else to this PC
  5. Go to the ” I don’t have this person’s sign-information after that, press Add a user without a Microsoft account
  6. Give a name to the new account, then click Finish
  7. Click the account that you are created, then choose Account Type
  8. Choose Administrator and then OK

Solution 8: Update Your Windows

Using an old version of Windows on of the leading cause of the appearance of QuickBooks Error 15240 in the application.

  1. Click the Start option
  2. Write Update and click Enter
  3. In the Update and Security windows, press the Check for Updates
  4. Go to the latest updates

Solution 9: Switch the QB User

Sometimes, damaging a recent user account makes you suffer from this error, so you need to modify some changes.

  1. Go to the Company Section and select Set up Users and Passwords
  2. Go to the Add user, write the credentials
  3. After that, click Next and make sure not to utilize a damaged username
  4. Change the User information and select Finish
  5. Go to the File Menu and select logoff
  6. Open into QB files new passwords and user name

Final Words!

Here are those easy and effective methods you should follow while facing QuickBooks Error 15240. Still, if you want to discuss this error with professionals and deal with other issues while fixing this error, you can consult us at 1.855.738.2784.

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