Freelance designer or logo design agency, what’s better?

Getting a perfect logo that hides perfect psychological strategies in it could be tricky. A logo is your newly launched brand or the existing’s face, and you look for the best from your perspective, but do you? Do you think from a designer’s perspective? Do you know what to look for in a perfect-looking logo other than your budget to spend? Maybe, No. so, how would you decide between freelance designer and logo design agency.

This idea behind the logo and other aspects related to your logo is vas than you think it must be. there are many other aspects to consider before deciding on your future company’s face. We would be discussing a few aspects to be considered before deciding between any of the options.



When deciding on a logo design agency we might not ask them about their experience in a specific field or at least no doubt it because somewhere we know if they are handling a company, they must know what they are doing but when considering freelance designer, we look for an experience, we ask to show their past work and check here and there for their reviews.

It’s not like logo design agencies do not have portfolios to show or they do not, they do, they share their work with all of their past clients before signing up a deal so you can have the idea and an experienced freelancer would do that too. But you will doubt the fresh freelancer or might even not consider them. I do not think it is ok to judge but there are tons of thugs today who are waiting for you to empty your pockets for nothing.


Are they ready to consider your ideas as well?

Most designers do not tend to take customers’ ideas well or at all. They do not client’s input and do not share their demos and what they are thinking to do. Some people are egomaniacs, what can we say? But we have work with someone co-operative.

Is your freelance designer cooperative enough that they can take your intake? Or the agency you have hired has this quality in their service that they are considering your intakes as well. Well mostly would because they just want to earn money. Either logo design agency or freelancer, you just have to check how mutually you both can get along. So, you can have the best logo.


The other aspects

When designing a logo, your designer already knows where else you are going to use it. Social media sites, websites, your product, packaging, advertisement, flyer’s or whatever it is. They design it that way considering all of this. This all depends on how well your designer has talked you out and has taken all the important notes.

In this era, almost no new start-up goes without a website and if you are getting a logo, you must be wanting to have a website as well. How great it would be if your freelance designer would get it done for you? But wait, not every freelance has expertise in different aspects they mostly work with one. The case would be different if you go for a logo design agency.

Logo design agencies offer a whole package as well. In which you can get everything done not just a logo and a website but printing service also, they offer social media management, boosting marketing, card designing or flyer’s, etc. you do not have to roam here and there for all these different important things to get done just buy a package from one company and get it all done peacefully.



You were waiting for this point, weren’t you? I know, I know. Every deal ends with this point. If you are a little start-up owner you have a limited budget but too many ideas and expectations. We even understand that you have to spend wisely to run your business.

For this point, freelancers work best. First of all, they do not even offer to charge more than designing agencies. And if there is some well-experienced freelancer who has been working for so long ask for bit much but hey, we like to ask for discounts do not we, just kidding.

Agencies charge a ton because they have employees to pay with other expenses but if you are considering taking a package with web development, web design, printing, social media marketing then maybe you will get it less on the whole deal.


Promising work

you considered all the points above. You checked it made it sure but still is it going to work? Are you going to get a logo that is attracting your customer, psychology affecting your target audience, and is it making them curious to buy from you and not your competitors? If you are considering a logo design agency for printing services as well, are they going to provide it on time? Will your freelancer give you the best design that you can work with on?

We have to look for the strategies they are going to use and what is their approach to attracting your targeted audience. The content, color, and designs have to be creative and unique, what if they are using old ideas and not telling you about them? What if your logo is copied you did not even know about it? This is all that matters after all.

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