Get Done with Aka MS Settings.

We all know the settings of MS aka allow the users to change the settings of their Microsoft account. And the best part is that you must know that the settings of the MS account are important for the better functioning of Microsoft. If you are a game lover; then you must be aware of the very popular game which is Minecraft; and which all the children love to play. There are several other games that people love to play which are Xbox live; Nintendo or you can also go for Nintendo switch and many others.

But it is very much important to get done with the aka ms account settings so that the children do not get any of the access to the adult content which they are getting while you are playing the best game and their favorite game which is Minecraft game.

It is very essential to manage the files as well as their games and also the other important connected devices; and other things. Along with this Microsoft also has provided the users the chance for better functioning internet usage of which you are using; and that is why the other people could perform the task with ease and with more accessibility.

Aka MS Settings for the users for Xbox –

  1. You need to control the privacy control panel of Minecraft for its better user and access.
  2. The users can also do this if they check the online settings of the panel which is there on the official website of Xbox and then once you are on the official website you need to click on the option of privacy and safety to move ahead.
  3. Another thing you should focus on is that you find the option of privacy settings and change them accordingly how you need it so that it is safe and secure for the safety as well as the privacy of your children.
  4. Now in this step; you need to sign in to the Microsoft account and you can do this by putting in all the login credentials which are usually use by you to login into Ms and once you have to enter the login you need to click on the continue button to get start with at immediately.
  5. After you have selected and also have ticked the option of Xbox online safety and then after this; you need to ensure that you have double-checked and also reviewed all the changes you have made and when you are sure of the fact that the changes made by you are correct you can move ahead to the next step.
  6. Then look for the submit button; and once you have found it make sure to press on it and then you save all the changes Microsoft settings you have made and move ahead.
  7. In the next step; you need to find the option of disabling any of the excess browsings of the internet which you do on your device for the browsing on the internet for a child’s account.
  8. And once you have done all the steps you are all set and all done.

Settings And Privacy of Aka MS Settings

  1. After you have changed the settings of aka MS let us move to the settings and privacy setting of settings so that users can get done with this too and solve the problems.
    The users need to update their personal details like your new account picture and other personal details that are ask by the users; so that they can move ahead with the next step. All this information will be all over the device you are using; which will maintain a single connected account of MS which will help you.
  2. You can access the control by going to the device settings of the device you are using; and when you are on the device setting you can move to the accounts button and click on it; and then after clicking on it you can make the necessary changes which you wanted to make for your account.
  3. After you have made all the changes that are require; you just have to click on the submit button and you are done with the privacy and security settings.

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