Get Embossed Swing Tags | Think About Their Printing And Finishing

Do you have Embossed Swing Tags? Can you ignore the importance of swing tags? Of course, your answer will be no! Like stickers, tags play important roles in the market. It can use to promote every item. Tags come in round, rectangular, oval and triangular shapes. So, you can get that will look best for your items. Here, I will describe only swing tags because these will benefit you more than others.

Stocks And Finishes Of Embossed Swing Tags

As we’ve already said, using distinctive stocks and finishes is the greatest method to get people to notice your swing tags.

Here’s what we have in stock and unique finishes right now.

Silk With UV Spots

Adding Spot UV shine to elements of your Embossed Swing Tags will make it stand out among the crowd, giving it the luxurious feel and protection of silk with features that pop.

Uncoated 14PT

14PT Uncoated is the way to go for a simple practical tag. So, it’s simple to write on. For pricing and barcodes, it’s ideal.

Silk With Stamped Foil

Stamped foil adds a touch of glitz. Silk lamination adds additional protection and a smooth texture, while stamped foil adds a pop of sparkle that draws attention. Select a single foil colour for one or both sides. Soft pink, hot pink, silver, gold, red, blue, black, copper, and green foil hues are available.

Laminated Velvet

Velvet laminated look and feel great. Hence, Swing tags with a velvety, smooth, and rich feel are available in 19PT velvet laminate.

Foil Inline

Unlike stamped foil, which uses ink to tint foil before printing, inline foil utilises ink to tint foil before printing. This results in an almost infinite amount of metallic colour combinations that add glitz to your design.

Pearl Metallic

To get exactly the perfect amount of sheen, use metallic pearl stock. As a consequence, you get a shimmering, slightly metallic pattern that stands out. So, these are ideal for wedding favours and special occasions.

22PT Laminated Gloss

Check out the thickest one available if you want something particularly robust. The 22PT gloss laminated starts with a 16PT C2S material and is then laminated on both sides with an extra thick three mil lamination Embossed Swing Tags. Thus, this results in the most durable one available, with increased resistance to chipping and wear.

Laminated Silk

Silk laminated swing tags provide added protection from wear and water while providing a silky smooth feel. Maki may print on 16PT C2S paper with 1.5 mm silk lamination on both sides.

18PT C1S

18PT C1S is a durable tag with a glossy front and an uncoated back for a shiny front and the option to write on the back.


Check out the Matte Embossed Swing Tags if you want protection without the glare of shine. Print with a dull/matte finish on 14 PT or 16 PT C2S material. So, the matte coating adds added protection without the glare that shiny tags are prone to.

Laminated Velvet

Velvet laminated look and feel great. Swing tags with a velvety, smooth, and rich feel are available in 19PT velvet laminate.

The Thickest & Thickness Tag

Choose us to radiate quality and elegance, as swing tags are a representation of your brand. So, these are very thick and stiff, and they’ll last a long time.

Find The Best Swing Tags

Discover our incredible range of custom printed swing tags, all designed to make your business stand out. So, we all know that perfect tags are both attractive and useful. Hence, we try to provide the finest quality printing on the most distinctive paper types in many shapes and sizes to fit any product, big or little. Depending on your requirements, select the appropriate hole drill size.

To complete your purchase with everything you need for the ideal swing tags, browse our add-ons, including hole drilling, strings, metal grommets, and coloured reinforcing rings.

Take Swing Tags From Experts

Now, you can get swing tags from a professional company. They always use the best material to make your embossed tags. So, every professional designer will tell you about the importance and prices of each tag. In this manner, you will know that which one will remain the best for you.

Check The Policy Of The Company

Earlier than placing an order, you need to check the requirements of the company. Thus, how much order of swing tags can you get a one time? Either the company is taking extra charges such as the hidden cost of the tags or not. What are the criteria to make the swing tags? So, what is the shipping and return policy of the tag making company?

Check The Cost Of The Swing Tags

Due to many variations into Embossed Swing Tags, it comes in many ways. That’s why the prices of the custom swing tags vary. Many companies update the prices of many tags daily. So, you can get quality tags at competitive prices.

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