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Traveling is an important aspect of our daily life. Sometimes people travel to complete their work. Other times they do so, for their enjoyment. Some travels are important while some are just casual. Some traveling is for a long-distance and some for a short. In all different kinds of travels, free TomTom map update helps every traveler to reach the destination and return from there. Sometimes these are the ways that we know and travel daily, but there can be a time when the individual might have to travel to a place of which, he doesn’t know the path or the way. For this, a free TomTom map update plays an important role. TomTom and many other companies, use this feature in their device, which helps in providing proper location and the way to reach their destination.

Free TomTom Map Update

So, the GPS technology that the company uses in this application is very accurate in providing you with the location and destination. But, without an accurate map, this technology is useless. It’s like knowing your destination but not knowing the path to go there. Thus, a good map is required for us to reach properly to the place we want. Also, when you have an older map, it might not have the current changes happening in the place especially in the root of reaching the direction. Thus, updating a map becomes an essential task. These maps can be updated, also within the TomTom product that you are using. Updating can also include many fixations of previous errors, that happened due to the software in the device.

Technique no.1: Updating the Application and adding up the map in your device

This can be a way of doing the activity. The company has its own application which the users can easily download from the internet. The application comes up with many features. One of them is that it helps the device to get better maps. If your device doesn’t have the application, you can download it and use this feature, if you have them, you will have to update it in the following ways. The Application will be either available on your home screen or within the start option. For Mac users, it will be within your application option.

  •  1: Open the application
  •  2:  Connect your device with the application. This can be done by connecting it to your computer and adding the device in the     application
  •  3: Select ‘Update my Gadget’
  •  4: Press ‘Update and Install’
  •  5: Then changes will also happen on the device. Once you are sure that they are fully done, you can disconnect the device.
Technique no.2: Using an Additional Application for Download

There are some of the programs that provide great maps for the working of your device. These maps are highly accurate and are known for their precision. Adding these maps’ abilities with your TomTom device is the best combination ever. You will get the features from your device and accuracy from the maps.

  1. MAP SHARE– This is an amazing additional application provided by Tom-Tom, which is one of the best GPS provider applications in the world. One of the special features of the application is that it provides an opportunity for the user to create changes. These are from users who go through those ways and find out that the road is wrong is needed to change. This process gives more and more efficiency.
  2. OPENSTREETMAPS– The working process of the application is the same as the above program. The only difference that can be seen is in the extent it is working at. Another difference is that it is purely a third-part software while the above program was not. Thus, the results are different, as it just fails in making an impact by creating usable features. The main factor is that it is free of cost.

There are also many maps related applications available on the internet. You can also try using all of them and try out which one is better

Technique no.4: Using ‘My Drive Connect’ to add the maps to the device.

This is another application provided by TomTom to get the maps installed for free. As the software helps in downloading, installing, and updating the database. According to TomTom, they bring regular updates for their devices over there on the website, thus, do revisit the application and try to download, so that the device can help you with better ways. If you haven’t downloaded the application, download the application now to make these features available.

  • If you have the application already, seek for having the latest version.
  • Having the latest version of the application, you can add the device for the latest version. To do so, you can easily just connect your device to the computer.
  • When the device is connected properly. It will check whether the device requires any updater If yes, then it will start doing the updating process.
  • To get it done, you will have to produce certain permission for the device. This will help the device provide further updates.
  • After this process is completed, you will be guided towards the beginning again. Now, as the process is over, he can disconnect the device.
The Paid Version of the Application

If you are one of those customers, who believe that paying a high amount will ensure them the best, then there is no problem in thinking that. Each individual can have different choices and all the choices have certain positive and certain negative aspects. However, the company of the device i.e. mostly provides all the additional features in the free version. All the updates of the map, which is almost the latest can be done easily by the previously given methods. So, there is a feature that is given paid by the company, but this feature doesn’t have that many additional benefits that paid versions to have. So it is better to use a free one always.

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