Guidelines to Change the Outlook of the Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes

The custom cosmetic boxes trend is changing day by day and the new innovations in the packaging of the cosmetics are worth praising. In the past, people were not crazy about the product boxes and there were no influencing trends were present. But things are changed now.

People focus on the outer packaging of the box more as compared to the inner product. They love the feel of the product and how it is when they hold the product.

So, people are working harder for embracing the inner product as compared to the outer packaging.

The following are some of the amazing guidelines that one can follow to have outstanding custom boxes:

Get an Eco-friendly Box Packaging

Many people think that the outer packaging should only be attractive and that’s all. But this thing doesn’t end here because the packaging should be attractive as well as it should protect the inner placed product.

This aspect is really essential. Because the packaging is good on the outer basis but it doesn’t protect the inner placed product then it is simply useless. So, go for creating your custom cosmetic packaging stronger and as well as attractive.

If you are planning to create eco-friendly bottles then utilize materials such as jute and cork as both materials are eco-friendly and will simply enhance the image of your brand in an outstanding way.

Further, for the outer packaging go for using the kraft and cardstock boxes. However, both materials carry biotic-friendly properties and will keep the environment sound and clean.

Designing in a Custom Way

You can design your cosmetic boxes packaging  in various ways. Go for adding some attractive illustrations at the front side of the box so, people can love the artistic styles of your brands. Further, if you are not able to design the illustration related to your products on your own then you can simply hire a good packaging company. The experts present in these packaging companies are wonderful and are happy to provide you with outstanding illustrations that can truly change the outlook of your brand. For instance, you can see the Kylie Jenner lip glosses.

Further, add a handwritten note and add it within the box. This handwritten note should be written by the owner of the brand to give the customers a feeling of loyalty. Because it is the note which can become a true connection between you and the brand and you cannot miss this chance at all. Because stronger the connection, the results will be the high sales of the products.

The addition of the handwritten note will make you share your words with your product lovers and for the social media, it will be a great promotional approach and a true win-win.

Don’t Miss to design the Invoices 

You can design a good invoice and send it to your customers. Because invoice is an essential document. So, just don’t add rough and boring paper within the product box. But try to design the invoice well linked by your brand theme and then encase within the box.

Go Natural

If you really want your cosmetics to get famous then “go natural”. As everyone knows very well how harmful chemicals are bad for skin, hair, and body. Therefore, it is best to avoid the harmful elements within the formulation of the cosmetics. Therefore, for this purpose go for designing the shampoos, lotions, scrubs, etc. free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, silicone, DEA, etc.

Further, you can add all the attractive labels on the cosmetic packaging boxes expressing the environmental benefits of the product and the packaging to make your brand famous.

Make your boxes a win-win for the environment to have great sales.

Focus on the Typography

The addition of the text is a great idea to make your boxes look famous and outstanding.

The selection of the typeface is a game-changing aspect for the boxes. Go for choosing the attractive typeface for the boxes. What is actually the typeface? It is the collective name of a family of fonts. For instance, you can utilize the times new roman and the Helvetica styles to utilize on the boxes.

You have to focus on the font type as well such as bold, italic, regular, irregular, etc. These all will change the entire outlook of the text line embedded on the custom cosmetic boxes. Make sure that you write the title of the box in bold and large font. Then add the other essential details and the ingredients of the boxes in the small font size in a different font style.

And the information regarding the product’s origin, expiry date and regarding the material in the more small font and regular type. Thus, the hierarchy of the text matters a lot for a neat appearance of the boxes.


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