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Mango is not only a juicy and delicious fruit but also possess remarkable nutritional benefits. It’s a tropical stone fruit having a large seed in the middle. Mangoes exist in hundreds of varieties and each has different taste, size, color and shape. In most of the areas of world mango is also named as King Of Fruits.

Studies link mango’s nutritional profile with lots of health benefits. Some of them are as fellows.

Aid Weight Loss

Fresh mangoes contain very low calories as compared to the volume of food it provide. For example a cup of 165 grams of fresh mango contain less than 100 calories which means it have a very low calorie density. This helps if a person intends to lose weight and make a diet plan so adding mangoes will help because it keeps the person feeling full and satisfied while having low calorie intake. Moreover it’s peel is related to inhabit formation of fat cells.

Rich in Nutrients:-

Anyone can easily fall in love with mangoes after knowing it’s nutritional value. A shocking fact is that a single cup of only 165 grams of fresh mangoes provide you with 67percent of the daily vitamins requirement for vitamin C. it contains less than 100 calories and 1.4 grams protein, 2.6 grams fiber, 0.6 grams fat, 24.7 grams carbohydrates which is significantly impressive. This little quantity can fulfill up to 20% of the daily value(DV) of copper, 18% of Folate, 12% of vitamin B6, 10% of Vitamin A and E, 7% of Niacin, 6% of vitamin K and potassium, and 4% of Magnesium and Thiamine.

Prevent Diabetes

Continuous investigations demonstrated that the more you add new natural products in your eating routine the less you are in hazard of creating diabetes. A review led in which one gathering added 10 grams of dried freeze mango in their eating routine day by day for quite a long time and the outcome was that glucose levels were improved enormously. Another new review revealed that L-ascorbic acid and carotenoids forestall the dangers of diabetes and mangoes are brimming with both these.

Strengthen Immunity

Mango has the role in boosting our immune system. Most impacting nutrient upon immune system is Vitamin A, if we don’t get enough amount of this vitamin it leads to severe risk of infections because it is necessary for proper functioning of immune system and mangoes have an intense amount of vitamin A. Which ultimately makes our immune system strong. Moreover our body needs white blood cells to fight against diseases and excess amount of vitamin in mango ensures the effective forming and working of white blood cells. Mangoes also contain vitamin E, folate, copper and some B vitamins which also play role in enhancing immunity.

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Keeps Heart Healthy

Mangoes have such nutrients which help in maintaining a good Heart. For example it contains potassium and magnesium which smoothens blood flow and relaxes blood vessels which lower the blood pressure level and keeps Heart safe. Antioxidants in mango are also good for heart. Because they saves heart from oxidative stress, inflammation and cell death.

Improve Digestion

Mangoes are super influential in better digestion. Because they contain dietary fibers which stimulates digestion and so prevents issues as constipation or diarrhea. Mangoes have digestive enzymes such as amylase which break down the large complex molecules into smaller absorbable molecules which makes digestion easy.

Increase Eye Health:-

Mangoes contain two significant cell reinforcements Lutein and zeaxanthin. Which frames the majority of the piece of retina of our eye which assists our mind with inter prettying what we see. These two elements likewise function as sunblock for eyes to shield our eyes from hurtful beams. Mangoes additionally contain vitamin A which builds vision. Absence of this nutrient causes dryness of eyes and night visual impairment.

Prevent Cancer

Researches show that polyphenols in mango possess anticancer properties, because they provide protection against oxidative stress which causes cancer. Except this mango also has mangiferin which is also linked with anticancer effects.

There are other benefits too such as mangoes contain iron so thus can be a treatment of anemia. B6 vitamin in mangoes promote brain health. Even a research shows that lack of this vitamin causes depression. A study found that mango decrease the bad cholesterol level and increases the good cholesterol. Promotes liver health and enhance skin beauty. So mangoes not only tastes good but also improves health.


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