Here Is The List Of Best Sports Bikes in India

Best Sports Bikes in India  –  The Pulsar 125, in terms of looks, is similar to its 150 CC iteration. One might think that this is a clever way adopted by Bajaj to sell its discover 125 CC. That is not the case here!

The 125 CC Pulsar is, by all means, a 150 CC pulsar but with a smaller displacement and shorter piston stroke.

In terms of weight, the bike is almost the same, if not lighter than the 150 CC Pulsar. The chassis of the bike along with its wheelbase is also similar to the 150 CC Pulsar. Heck, even the tires are similar. Here is the list of best sports bikes in India – Bajaj Pulsar 125, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj Pulsar Ns 200, Ktm Duke 125 And more.

With that stated, it is time to find out whether it is the best sports bike lakh in India?

Does it offer the same thrill and enthusiasm found in the Pulsar 150?

We have listed some best sports bikes in India – 

  • Bajaj Pulsar 125
  • Pulsar 150
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS 200
  • KTM Duke 125
  • KTM RC 125
  • Duke 200

Answers to the aforementioned questions can be found out in the following sections – 

Road presence

There is no doubt that the overall road presence of the Pulsar 125 is in the ballpark of its 150 CC iteration.

Bajaj did an awesome job by keeping the massive tank design intact. Furthermore, the stylish fairing and overall length of the bike makes it all the more appealing. Sure, one might argue that the overall looks of the bike are dated. Although, it would be unwise to ignore that the Pulsar 125 has proportions that other 125 CC motorcycles don’t!

Overall package

The 125 CC engine of the bike is re-engineered. Hence, it is safe to state that the motor is not the same that powered the 125 CC Discover.

Bajaj engineers retuned the engine and equipped it with a shorter power and exhaust stroke. Although the bore of the engine is similar to the one found in the engine of the Pulsar 150. This is an appealing factor for bike enthusiasts as the 125 CC motor is rev-happy – a trait found in the Pulsar 150!

Furthermore, Bajaj equipped the engine of the 125 CC Pulsar with its time-tested DTS-i and ExhausTEC technologies.

The engineers also made sure that the Pulsar 125 is one of the most powerful bikes in its class. The engine is quite capable as it can belt out 12bhp of peak power. The peak torque output of the bike stands at 11Nm! The best part is that these figures are deliver in a linear fashion. In simple words, these figures can be achieved at relatively lower RPM ranges.

The bike has a double-cradle chassis. It has telescopic front fork suspension units. The rear suspension units are single spring and gas-charged. 

Features wise, the bike comes with – 

  • Backlit switchgear
  • Part-analogue, part-digital instrument cluster
  • Engine kill switch
  • Neon highlights and
  • Combined braking system.

Ride quality

The Pulsar 150 has always left a lasting impression with its overall ride quality. This trait thankfully has been left intact in its 125 CC iteration.

The Pulsar 125 is equipped with comfortable seats. The footpegs are position in a neutral position that makes long rides comfortable. The clip-on handlebars are positioned higher to keep the rider in an upright stance.

Furthermore, the seats have a height that is under the 800mm range. This makes the bike easily accessible to people of all heights.

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In terms of real-world performance, the engine offers decent mid and low ranges.

One might think that a bike that is almost similar to the Pulsar 150, a 125 CC engine might struggle to deliver peppy performance. That is not the case with this bike.

The engine delivers linear performance across all RPM ranges. Both city and highway performance of the bike is amazing. It can also take inclinations with relative ease thus making it an ideal long trip bike. Riders can cruise with the bike at a healthy 80-90 KMPH without breaking a sweat!

The bike is easy to manoeuvre in a city’s stop and go traffic conditions. It is a bike that feels amazingly agile as well!

It is worth buying?

With an average ex-showroom price of Rs. 66,000 and easy availability of bike loans, it is worthy of one’s hard-earned money! 

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