Here’s A Quick Method To Resolve QuickBooks Error PS077

QuickBooks Error PS077

QuickBooks Error PS077 is an error that occurs when you install payroll tax table updates. A tax table is essential for any business as businesses use a tax table to calculate the payroll. You can effectively streamline your QB data with the payroll tax tables if you subscribe to the QuickBooks Payroll service. This blog will cover the symptoms, causes, and practical solutions that you can undertake to resolve this error.

You can reach out to the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391 if you need assistance or support to resolve this error.

Symptoms Associated with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS077

Knowing the symptoms can help you accurately identify this error. Understanding the symptoms will allow you to take prompt action if required. Some of the signs of this error are discussed below:

1. QuickBooks freezes or hangs.
2. You cannot download your tax table to the latest release.
3. The computer responds slowly to the commands of the mouse or keyboard.

With the symptoms discussed, you can now move to the next section that’ll cover the reasons associated with this error.

Reasons Of QuickBooks Error Code PS077

The reasons for this error are numerous, and you must be careful when recognizing the reason for your error. Accurately diagnosing the cause of your error will help you effectively resolve this error quickly. Go through the reasons stated below:

1. This error can take place if your QuickBooks isn’t registered.
2. An inactive or expired payroll subscription can trigger this error as well.
3. Invalid, damaged, or corrupt payroll tax table can lead to this error as well.

Move to the following section that’ll cover the solutions in-depth.

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Solutions To Resolve Intuit QB Error PS077

You should try and attempt only those steps that’ll help you resolve your error quickly. Unnecessary trying all the solutions can lead to the wastage of time. You are also more likely to invite more problems. Go through the measures given below:

Solution 1: Turn Off UAC

You can turn off UAC to resolve this error quickly. UAC or User Account Control can affect QuickBooks and obstruct payroll from updating. Go through the measures given below:

1. Move to the Start menu on your system, and open the Control Panel.
2. You can enter UAC in the search box. Now, hit Enter.
3. Find and choose Change User Account Settings.
4. Click on Yes. Now, turn off UAC by shifting the slider to Never Notify.
5. Provide the admin user details.
6. You can now restart QuickBooks to try to download the payroll update one more time.

Move to the following method that’ll help you fix this error if the above measures haven’t helped you.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility

If the reason for your error is data damage, then the steps mentioned below are more likely to fix your error:

1. Open QuickBooks. Move to File, Utilities, Verify Data.
2. These steps should detect the error in the QuickBooks company file.
3. Move to File, Utilities, Rebuild Data. This will allow you to fix all the detected data issues.
4. Move to Verify Data. Check if any damage remains.

Solution 3: Download the newest QuickBooks and Payroll tax table updates

1. First, you have to remove any existing and additional installations in QuickBooks.
2. Then go to the help menu and choose the update QuickBooks option.
3. You should reset the QuickBooks updates. In short, you have to restore the QuickBooks to an early point.
4. After completing step 3 move to download the latest payroll tax table updates.
5. Now, go to the verify data option by clicking on the file and then the utility option. Find verify data and click on it.
6. You should then perform a clean uninstall and in selective startup mode.
7. At the end update the tax table in QuickBooks Desktop.

Hope you will find the steps useful, if not then you should connect with our Accounting Professionals which can resolve any kind of query within minutes.


QuickBooks Error PS077 is an easy-to-fix error with the measures stated in this blog. Make sure to read the causes carefully. Also, execute the actions stated in this blog with precision.

You can contact the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391 if you require urgent support or help.

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