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HP’s Pavilion line has proven to be an excellent selection for clients, offering the best quality and style at a reasonable price. But, how does the latest 14 inch HP Pavilion fare amidst an sea of competitors? Find out in our thorough review.

Design & Build

The HP Pavilion 14 is a gorgeous laptop. The aluminum chassis that is silver finish with a frosted look gives it a sophisticated and elegant look even at a moderate price. It’s polished for work and isn’t as bulky you’ll find on laptops that are designed for commercial use, like the (otherwise amazing) Acer Aspire 3.

It’s also portable. While some laptops weigh more than the HP Pavilion 14, this one HP Pavilion 14 is extremely light , weighing just 1.46kg. It’s also very small. The device can easily be carried with only one hand when you need to hurry towards the dining room or the conference area for calls. It can also be placed on your lap while you’re in the train.

This decreases the overall size on the table (or lap) since slim profile keeps the laptop’s footprint to less than 1 inch when closed. This is the best laptop for civil engineering students. While the Pavilion 14 Pavilion 14 doesn’t come with the Kensington locking port for those searching for laptops for work its fingerprint scanner makes it an excellent option for working at house or for the work-from-home and home-office mix.

For the fingerprint reader, as for the reader’s fingerprint I have found it to be reliable almost every all the time for this fingerprint scanner. Sometimes I needed that I move my hand for an exact reading however I never had to be blocked for many unsuccessful attempts.

Ports & Connectivity (HP Pavilion 14)

There’s a wide range of ports that are available on Pavilion 14 and comprises a variety of ports that are available on Pavilion 14 which include the two USB 3.0 ports as well as USB-C ports that support power delivery as well as 10GBps transfer speeds along with DisplayPort 1.4 connectivity. It is the best laptop for live webcam streaming. This allows you to daisy-chain multiple monitors if needed. In addition, you get this HDMI 2.0 connector for the standard display connector.

The Pavilion 14 is a flexible display whatever your display requirements are. It also has the microSD card reader as well as headphones, a 3.5mm headset and microphone combo and Bluetooth 5.

It’s an old-fashioned connector. It can be charged via USB-C too.

Screen & Speakers. The Pavilion 14 comes with touchscreen display that includes 14-inches of IPS full HD anti-glare display (1920 1080 pixels ).

It looks unashamedly plastic especially with its black, dull bezels. The best part is that they’ren’t too massive. You’ll also have a webcam that is 720p at the top that comes with dual array microphones.

The quality of the image isn’t among the greatest but it’s sufficient for normal video calls. It’s not the best idea using this camera for launching YouTube or Twitch as a YouTube as well as the Twitch streaming channels however, so you’d rather make use of the external cameras.

Best Part (HP Pavilion 14)

The display also has the ability to achieve a maximum luminosity of 238nits (though HP promises 250nits on the box). This isn’t bad at all. The laptops that are cheap can only reach 200nits. It’s common to utilize this kind of device for cost-saving. This is when things get a bit stressful.

Pavilion 14 isn’t boring, however, you’ll require more space if you plan to work outdoors. When you’re indoors, or in the evening, you won’t be a problem.

The Pavilion 14 comes with B&O speakers on both sides of the laptop. The audio is crisp and clear regardless of whether you increase the volume to maximum isn’t required.

 While the contrast is good and the colors are bright (depending on the kind of content you’re watching) The screen lacks definition. The movies appear dull, rendering the laptop not suitable for watching films while on the move.

This is also an interactive display. Why? I’m not certain. The hinge allows you to raise the display to a comfortable degree. It’s not able to fold into the opposite direction as other 2-in-1s in the market, such as HP’s x360 model and, therefore, you aren’t able to transform it into an tablet. There’s also the problem of pressing the wrong button in the process of cleaning the display of dust.

Simply put when you’re on a budget and want a budget notebook for web browsing or social media, or internet browsing, and also a workplace machine The Pavilion 14 has nothing complaints especially if you decide to stream your content via TV.

Keyboard & Trackpad (HP Pavilion 14)

I’ve mentioned before that there’s no numeric pad. This isn’t an issue for the majority of. I’m a big fan of num-pads.

But, I don’t think that it was a big loss for Pavilion 14. Pavilion 14. Although, I’m an Author and my need for an electronic keyboard isn’t nearly as crucial as other professions. Accountants may want to look for different possibilities.

The keyboard is overall comfortable, and despite its limited layout there’s plenty of space between every key. Like the display the keys are made of plastic, strikingly opposite to the aluminium chassis. The typing is heard.

While the keys aren’t high in the profile, they’ve plenty of travel. They’re extremely springy to touch which means you’ll have to put in a bit more effort when typing. It’s easy to get comfortable with, and can be a fantastic experience for those who like the feel of a mechanical reaction.

It’s an excellent size. for typing, the device is a great size and easy to use and has great palm rejection. It is compatible with both physical clicks and gestures , such as right-clicking and two-finger scrolling. There’s no issue here.

Specs & Performance

It is possible to experience an effortless day-to-day experience using this laptop. HP Pavilion 14 makes it another excellent option for people who work at home or looking for a laptop that is affordable for hotdesking.

The laptop I tested includes 8GB of RAM as well as storage capacity of 256GB, and an Intel Core I3-1115G4 processing unit (the latest 11th-gen processor). Although this is the smallest of Intel processors however, the laptop was quick to boot and was in no way overloaded during the course of many weeks of use.

It’s a comfortable and quiet horse that didn’t overheat regardless of the things I placed into its path.

I was using my laptop for tasks, it was mostly emails, word processing and browsing the internet, while I listen to Spotify in the background and using the HP Pavilion was an easy task. I was also impressed with how it handled photo editing with GIMP which I was able to make use of for small adjustments like the layering of photos as well as cropping and filling on backgrounds.

Battery Life

You can get decent battery performance in Pavilion 14. Pavilion 14. The battery test we conducted using video loops lasted 7 days and 21 mins out of the laptop. While it’s not among the top we’ve seen on a budget laptop Many laptops can last longer in the event of a critical matter.

You could get roughly the same result using Surface Go 2 and Magic Book 14. Our tests showed that Pavilion 14 had increased by 37% battery life in just 30 minutes. 

Price & Availability

HP Pavilion 14 HP Pavilion 14 costs PS549.99 and is available via HP Store, HP Store and Currys PC World. In the US it is sold from Best Buy for $549.99.


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