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Hot Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

As a lawyer, have you struggled with content marketing? If so, you are not alone!

Many lawyers are struggling with social media utilization due to fear of personal information being shared with people and the inherent risks that bring. While this fear is apparent, social media content can be beneficial to growing your client base. There are many ways to promote yourself and your law firm on social media while staying professional and gaining new businesses. 

Promote your services

A great way to market your content is to promote what you can do for your audience. People view advertisements as ways to see what you can do for them. 

Therefore, you need to focus on your services and how you can use them to help people in different situations. This allows you to begin the process of growing your clientele.  

Social media is a great place for you to gain leads for potential new clients. When followers see ads about your services, they will follow up with you if they require those services or if they know someone who does. Some social media management programs help you manage leads that come in, making it easier for you to see who needs your help. Leads from online will help you gain the necessary clientele that you are looking for to grow and expand your business. 

This is where you can try and find more success with your social media platforms. 

Monitor your social media 

In a world where social media is looked at under a microscope, you should monitor what you want to post online. 

Everyone flees to social media when they want to know more about you. If people want to learn more about you as a lawyer or the firm you work for. They will go to all associated social media accounts to find relevant information. 

According to Attorney at work, reporters and bloggers will research lawyers and law firms that are relevant to their topics and reference specific posts if needed. This can boost the overall coverage that your social media accounts receive by helping you grow your followers. 

By monitoring the action that is happening with your online accounts, you can see who is interested in your social media actions, which may also help you see who is interested in your services. 

Also, keeping your content relevant to current social media trends amongst your peers is important to take full advantage of all the help the platforms provide. 

Focus on creating a marketing strategy

If you want to be successful in your marketing campaign. Then, you need a good strategy to help you get to the finish line. 

Strategy is everything when it comes to creating a great marketing plan. Every successful business has a great strategy for their marketing so they set goals of what they want to achieve from it, while also knowing exactly which steps they need to take. This makes it much easier for any business to operate because there is no guesswork. Everyone knows what their job is to help the new campaign.

A strategy helps you determine

  • who your target audience is,
  • how you will reach them,
  • And steps that you need to take to achieve those goals.

That is where the ease of operation comes in because it helps you set up your team for success so you don’t have to worry about managing it all. It lays out the future of marketing for your company, making it easier to see the future trajectory of your business. 

Much of developing your marketing plan at your business is hiring people who know what they’re doing. Their knowledge can help your strategy come to fruition. Make sure that it goes smoothly so you can focus on your workload. By letting these knowledgeable people handle the work, your firm will thrive online. 

Don’t be afraid of technology

While technology may seem like a negative thing that could get you in trouble. It is a good thing and is necessary for your marketing strategy. 

When it comes to marketing, technology is your biggest ally. Using it to your benefit will make or break your strategy, improving it when used correctly. 

The reason technology is important to your strategy is because everyone is consumed by their phones and social media anyway. It has become the best way to reach people instead of print media or other traditional forms of advertising. Many of the younger generations are not even watching live television anymore. So that the tv ads would not even target that audience. This is where technology becomes helpful. It will allow you to target a larger audience that you want to reach. If you fear technology, other lawyers and firms will start using it to their advantage while they pass you by. To stay competitive, you should at least consider using more technology in your day-to-day marketing plan. 


Now, are you wondering what tools you should use to help manage your social media? Practina is just for you! 

Practina offers the social presence tool that gives you real-time analytics about your accounts, a lead center to help turn over new leads, an ad campaign manager, and a post planning tool that will help you schedule out your posts. All of these marketing for attorneys tools are put in place so all users can get the best experience for their social media accounts while growing their businesses to new heights.

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