How Can I Update Linksys Velop Extender Firmware?

Firmware updates are of great importance for the seamless working of a WiFi device. If you are planning to update the firmware of your Linksys Velop, then this how-to guide can help. Here, we have jotted down various steps to make you familiar with the process of how to update Linksys Velop extender firmware without any hassle. No matter whether you own a standard Linksys extender or Velop, the steps listed in the article will help you update your WiFi device with the latest firmware version in a jiffy. So, let’s get started!

How to Update Linksys Velop Firmware Using Linksys App

Before you start with the process of updating firmware on your Linksys Velop extender, make sure the latest version of the Linksys app has been installed on your device.

  • To commence the firmware update process, you first need to log in to your extender. So, consider doing Linksys extender login using the default credentials. If you have changed the login details of your device, bear in mind to use the changed password.
  • Now locate the menu icon on the upper-left corner of your device’s screen and tap on it.
  • You will find the list of various options on your screen. From that, select Network Administration.
  • Although for most devices, by default, comes enabled with the ‘Automatic Firmware Update’ feature, Just in case it is not enabled for you, do it manually.
  • Now whenever a new firmware version will be available for your Linksys Velop, it will be updated automatically.
  • For your information, if more than one Velop network is being added to your node then each will be updated automatically.
  • If you don’t want the newly launched firmware versions to get installed automatically, then worry not! Even if the Automatic Firmware Update option is disabled, you will be prompted about the arrival of a new firmware.
  • Whenever you get notified about such a message, you can simply hit the Update option to update your Linksys Velop with the latest firmware version.
  • Now, give your device some time to complete the Firmware Update process. Once your Velop is ready to work, you will find solid blue light on your node.

Note: It is suggested that not to interrupt the firmware update process by unplugging or restarting your Linksys Velop or Linksys router setup (If used).

You can also update the firmware of your Linksys Velop by accessing its web interface. Here’s how:

Steps to Update Linksys Velop Firmware Using Web Interface

  • Power up your Linksys Velop and connect it to the Access Point.
  • Now, launch a web browser on your computer and type the default IP address of the Linksys Velop into the address bar.
  • Next, log in to your Linksys to reach the Linksys extender setup wizard.
  • Once you find yourself on the Velop dashboard, locate Settings and Click it.
  • Then from the list that appeared, click Connectivity.
  • Now click ‘Check for Updates’ option to see if any new firmware version is available for your WiFi device.
  • To avoid the hassle of manually checking firmware updates, check the Automatic box. This will update your device with the latest firmware, whenever a new one is available.

That’s all about how you can update the firmware of your Linksys Velop and make the most of it.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to fix various performance issues with your WiFi device or protect it from potential threats, updating the firmware of your Linksys can help in a big way. It is expected that the steps given in the article will help you get success with the Linksys Velop extender firmware update process. Just in case you have any doubts regarding updating the firmware of your Linksys, shoot your query into the comments section.

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