How Can We Start Dubai South Company Setup in UAE?

Dubai South Company Setup is the dream of many individuals, businesses, and investors. Because UAE is a rising global economy with great potential and opportunities shortly. It has a young up-n-coming workforce that is highly driven and motivated. The UAE government welcomes outsiders and foreign investors. Currently, IT, healthcare, real estate, retail, and financial services are the boom industries of the UAE. Any person planning to reside or set up a company in UAE needs to be aware of these facts as they can play an essential role in your venture.

Benefits of Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South Free Zone can offer a lot of benefits to your business, as well as to you. This is why the free zone has attracted many international companies who do business there. These are some of the benefits of operating within the Dubai South Free Zone:

  • Attractive Tax Regime

The UAE does not apply the tax. However, companies that operate outside the free zones will have to pay VAT on specific products and services. Not paying these taxes ensures that you have more money at hand to use for your business.

  • Strategic Location

Located within the Dubai South Free zone is an international airport currently being constructed. The proximity of this airport will also make it easier for you and your clients to conduct business without traveling long distances.

  • Cost-Effective Business Set-Up Packages

The Dubai South Free Zone offers a wide variety of business setup packages that are tailored according to your needs, as well as those of your company. You can choose from a wide range of packages depending on how large or small your business is.

  • Infrastructure Support

Another reason why businesses choose Dubai South Free Zone is because they know they’ll get all the infrastructure support they need from this government entity. This includes reliable utilities such as electricity and water, telecommunications services like telephone and internet, as well as a stable waste management system to

  • 100% Foreign Ownership

Another key benefit of doing business here is that you will have full ownership of your company as an investor. In other words, that you will not need a local partner or sponsor to set up a business here. Also, this is one reason why many international investors choose to set up their companies here.

Documents Required for Dubai South Company Setup

You need to provide the following documents for company formation in Dubai South:

  • Firstly, Passport copy of each shareholder and director
  • If you are a foreign shareholder and the local sponsor is holding 51% of the shares, you need to provide your passport copy and the passport copy of the local sponsor.
  • UAE Entry Visa stamp/visa copy of each shareholder and director
  • Phone number, email address, residence, and correspondence address of each shareholder and director
  • The Shareholding ratio between shareholders or between shareholders and local sponsors as per agreement
  • Company name and trade name in Arabic (if any)

Business activities are in South Dubai

  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Agriculture
  • Storage
  • Aviation
  • Food and beverage trading
  • Transportation
  • Logistics

Types of Licenses in Dubai South Company

Dubai South Company offers several trade licenses to foreign and local investors in various sectors, including aviation, logistics, hospitality, education, and exhibition. The different types of claims include:

  • Trade license

This type of license is issued when one wishes to open a branch office/retail shop in the free zone. A branch office cannot engage directly with customers or generate sales. A trade license is renewable annually.

  • Commercial license

This type of license gives you permission to import, export, and distribute goods or services within Dubai South Free Zone. You required providing proof of the goods/services you are importing if you wish to hold them in stock in the free zone for further distribution within UAE or beyond.

  • Service License

This allows you to provide services within the free zone. Consultancy services, management services, etc., fall under this category. This license is for you if you want to provide professional services such as IT consultancy, medical consultancy, and more.

  • Industrial License

Companies that wish to set up manufacturing facilities within Dubai South Free Zone may open an industrial license. It will enable them to import raw materials, process, assemble, and manufacture goods within the premises they have rented from Dubai South Free Zone Authority. However, these goods cannot be exported outside.

  • Logistics License

A Dubai South Logistics License designed to allow a company to provide logistical and warehousing services. A client with a logistics license will store, package, label, and ship products. The logistics license is ideal for companies involved in manufacturing or businesses that need to store and distribute raw materials, parts, or finished products through the supply chain.

Process of Setup Dubai South Free Zone

The following are the steps that need to follow for setting up a company in Dubai South:

  • Choose Business Activity

Firstly, A business activity needs to chosen as per your requirement. There are many options available like General Trading, Education, Health & Medical Services, Information Technology, etc. choose as per your choice or business requirement.

  • Prepare documents

Once you have determined what you will need to licensed, then next step is preparing your documents for submission. This is usually a simple process as most states have designed a list of required documents by license type.

  • Submit application

If you are ready with all the required documents, you can submit them. Your application will then be received, they will assist in processing your application while keeping you updated on its status.

How can Start Any Business UAE help you?

We understand Dubai South Company Setup can be complicated, so we do all the legwork for you.

Start Any Business UAE is a business setup company that makes it easy for businesses in Dubai South. We know the ins and outs of the process, so we’ll get you through it quickly and smoothly. Start Any Business UAE can help you avoid delays in paperwork and make sure your registration goes smoothly so you can focus on running your company instead of dealing with bureaucracy. We offer 100% ownership to our clients, and we make sure that your business up and running as soon as possible.

Our team of business development experts can help you understand your options and choose the right one depending on your target markets, products, and services. In conclusion, we have helped hundreds of clients across various industries, helping them save time, money, and resources to focus on their core competencies while we take care of the rest! Moreover, we provide our clients with everything required to start a successful business in Dubai South. From registration assistance with local authorities through formation procedures based on our knowledge base built up over many years working in this field.

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