How Can You Choose The Best Credit Card In India?

Most of the issuers would offer you several credit cards. Each of these cards would have its eligibility criteria and benefits. It becomes crucial for an individual to choose a credit card wisely. Depending on the lifestyle and the pattern of finance management, the right kind of credit card can offer the credit card holder a variety of benefits. It enables the cardholder to save a lot of money on the purchase. Various financial institutions in today’s world provide extensive types of credit cards. These credit cards range from secured credit cards to money-back credit cards

Besides, you must compare the different kinds of credit cards available in the market. And only after that should you choose the best credit cards in India. It should fit your spending habits and lifestyle. You can also choose based on the benefits like discounts, cashback and reward points.

Besides, some of the issuers might offer different kinds of credit cards. For instance, a shopping credit card would allow you to get attractive discounts and cashback while you shop, whereas a fuel card provides you a surcharge waiver and offers you extra points while you tend to refuel the motor vehicle. Hence, if you tend to have a specific spending habit, you should always look for a credit card that can meet your needs.

Choose a credit card that helps you to withdraw cash during an emergency.

Wherever you go, you can use credit cards. It is one of the widely used and accepted financial tools. But there are places where you may not be able to use a credit card. In such cases, you must have the provision to use the credit card to withdraw cash. However, some credit card companies charge a lot of interest for making such transactions. Make sure that you get a card that allows you to withdraw cash at a low-interest rate.

Get a low emergency loan with a credit card

The best money-back credit card allows the credit card holder to get low-cost emergency loans in India during the time of need. You can also take it while converting the individual’s credit limit into any personal loan. Then you can repay the borrowed sum of money to the lender. The interest amount should also accompany it. Fortunately, you need not pay the interest amount for the first 90 days after you take the emergency loan. 

The option of EMI for a big-ticket purchase

Credit cards help to boost purchasing power while allowing the individual to make big purchases. Among all the types of credit cards available, some would allow you to purchase on the EMI option. It would be difficult and burdensome to repay the amount without such options when you indulge in multiple appliances at the same billing cycle. Even if you don’t pay the entire amount, it can lead to a high-interest penalty. But with the help of some credit cards, you can enjoy the EMI financing options. Along with that, you can get discounts on the purchase that you make. In addition, you can receive 5% cashback while shopping from your bank.

Self-analyzing your credit card needs

Increase the CIBIL score- Some applicants like to increase their credit scores to have loans in the future.

Earn cash back, rewards, and discounts- Several credit cards are available with cashback offers and discounts. You can save money while booking hotels and flight tickets.

Make heavy transactions-One of the major purposes behind applying for credit cards is to make a big deal. Thus, you need to select a credit card, which has a higher credit limit.

Make EMI transactions- EMI options are available with some credit cards. There is no need to pay additional interest for it.

Thus, based on your needs, you can choose a credit card.

While searching for the best credit cards in India, you will encounter multiple credit cards. Some of these credit cards offer various features. Moreover, you must identify a variety of needs before choosing a credit card. People also tend to get a credit card to build a higher credit score. If you intend to do that, you should look forward to your eligibility criteria.

 It will help you to get faster approval. Any individual can apply for a credit card directly from the financial institution’s website, or you can visit the third-party website.

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