How Do I Tackle Ethics Case Studies For The UPSC CSE?

Ethics case studies UPSC

Since I’m signed up for the Ethics case studies for UPSC course at Eden IAS, I guess I fit to be one of the repliers of this inquiry. We’re mentored Ethics by Roy sir who’s the classy teacher for Ethics in Delhi. In the wake of going to many contextual investigation meetings, I understood that there can be different ways to deal with composing a contextual investigation.

Yet, my #1 methodology is the bone that Roy joe has mentored in his classes. It’s known as the 10-step general methodology.

When you read the Ethics contextual investigation question, you want to follow 10 ways and compose a 250 verbalized reply.

 These ways are

  1. Making A FACTUAL SUMMARY OF THE CASE STUDY Identify the information of the contextual investigation. intersperse them. They were previously given in the inquiry. This helps one in making normal hypotheticals and not wild hypotheticals assumptions.
  2. WHO ARE THE STAKEHOLDERS? Risking out the particular/essential partners( direct relationship with the case) as well as the general/different partners( roundabout relationship with the case) associated with the case.
  3. INTERESTS OF THE STAKEHOLDERS relating the interests of the partners.
  4. Irreconcilable circumstance The circumstances where the interests of the partners are slamming into one another.
  5. Supporting VALUES OF bright INTERESTS Every interest has an underpinning value. However, likewise esteems are its abecedarian block, If interest is a construction. There isn’t a conflict of interests however a conflict of values.
  6. relating THE SITUATIONS OF ETHICAL DILEMMA/polarities Eg-Duty towards country or family. comparative obligation grounded Ethics are call Deontological Ethics. In this way, any comparable circumstance can be a circumstance of Ethics difficulty.
  7. Delivering/surveying THE vivid OPTIONS If given, really take a look at their graces and blames.
  8. Ethics Judgment Choosing a pertinent choice.
  9. Ethics protection On the foundation of Ethics and Ethics rationale (through Ethics scholars, advocates, and their investigations), you legitimize your choice.
  10. Determination Using a citation, watchword, or ware unexpectedly, you leave thought and let it stream. Allow it to have an effect. You want to show to the screen that you’re past this contextual investigation strengthen your possibility of getting named.

I trust this makes a difference The weightage of contextual analyses in the Ethics paper is 120 out of 250 imprints.

Along these lines, contextual analyses are to be attempted with extraordinary consideration for cost-attractive imprints. jumping Ethics contextual investigations requires a ton of resistance and bone

must be veritably systematic. However, it probably won’t be reasonable to dazzle the screen, If you don’t follow the right methodology and attempt to put an early finish to your response.

While planning for Mains last time, I was reasonable to foster a procedure for the hypothetical piece of Mains still, I was struggling with contextual investigations. Since they convey 120 imprints, I generally wound up getting lower than 50 in GS-IV false tests. At some point, while searching for products on YouTube, I coincidentally found this tape.

Please Must Read:

How do compose contextual investigations? By Eden IAS

What a tape it is! Every one of my dubieties and every one of my questions got responded to in only 60 minutes. I’m so grateful to this channel and toMr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary has mentored in this tape. He’s an outstanding teacher.

Stage 1 FACTS Distinguish

every one of the information given in the inquiry.


Recognize every one of the partners given in the inquiry.


Recognize every one of the interests of partners given in the inquiry.


Distinguish every one of the irreconcilable circumstances given in the inquiry.


Distinguish every one of the qualities behind the interests given in the inquiry. by and large, there’s a conflict of values that prompts an ” Ethical Dilemma “.


Distinguish every one of the circumstances of Ethics quandaries.


List down the choices that can be understood outcomes. At the point when choices are given, list down their different graces and blame.

Stage 8 ETHICAL Judgment

Record a Ethics judgment by picking the ideal choice.

Stage 9 ETHICAL protection

Legitimize the forenamed judgment through the examinations and principles of Ethics masterminds.


Finish up with 2-3 lines or a citation or a watchword.

I’ve selected myself in the Case Studies UPSC course by Tirthankar sir as it were. They’re truly successful. I’m happy to the point that I coincidentally found it.

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